Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas On New Years Day

I never get to celebrate Christmas with my parents and siblings on Christmas because we are such a blended family, but we always get together at some point around the holidays. This year it was on New Years Day. All but one of my brothers was able to make it and we had a wonderful time! Here are just a few of the pictures:
 The piggy banks that Matt and Sera Kate gave to all the kids. Sera Kate painted all their names on them herself. She is so crafty and thoughtful. She's such a great Aunt! My brothers couldn't have picked anyone better to marry.
 My sweet sister Jaimee (who is pregnant with my next niece or nephew!) and my niece Hannah being silly with Alexis and Isabel's tutu's!
 Hannah, my brother Brent and Alexis
 One of the beautiful ornaments on Mom's tree.
 My beautiful Alexis
 Jackson & Hannah
 Isabel wasn't feeling so photogenic, but here she is anyway!
 Tyler, Riley & Sadie
 All 7 of the kids
 Mom & Dad with all their grandchildren! Isabel wasn't so happy about the picture taking process this year.
 My brother Matt with Alexis & Sadie
 Hannah, my sister-in-law Sera Kate and Riley
 Aunt Sera Kate and Uncle Matt with all their nieces and nephews!
 Angel Alexis
 The kids dressed up and did a skit of the Christmas story, it was sooooo adorable. Check out this post and you can see a video of the skit.
 Alexis trying on her new sweater from Grandma Cindy
 My nephew Tyler being a goof ball
 Papa letting Alexis put some shiny, pink lip gloss on him
 Mom with the most talked about gift this year. She is now the State Chairman of the Constitution Party of Missouri, so it's rather ironic that my brother gave her the biography of George W. Bush!
Isabel playing with one of Sadie's new toys!

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