Monday, June 29, 2009

More Birthday Pictures

Alexis in the sand
Birthday Boy!

The boys shooting

Ethan, Kayleen, Alexis and Chloe playing in the creek.

Pictures from Ross's Birthday

Another pregnant picture of me
Our attempt at a family picture

Ross with the Ice Cream Maker

Alexis & Daddy

Ross with the Wii!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ross's 30th Birthday

Here's a picture of me from today that I swiped off of Uncle Jerry's Facebook page. I'm 28 weeks and 3 days pregnant and I look like I'm either delivering tomorrow or having twins! ;) They tell me it's just one though. I realized just how big I look when I saw this picture!

Ross turned 30 today! He started out the day with loading up the truck with stuff to spend the day at his Uncle Jerry and Aunt Karen's place on the creek. They were generous enough to let us have a party for him there. When Alexis woke up we sat down and he opened his card that she had colored in for him, and then he opened his present. (I have some pictures from the day, but I have no way of getting them from the camera to the computer without going to the store and putting them on CD, so my pictures will be delayed if I'm writing about an event that just happened.) I actually managed to surprise him with a gift this year. He is such a pill to shop for. He is so picky about what he wants, he prefers to pick it out himself, so it's hard to surprise him. But, I did! I got him a Wii Sport and he loves it!!! He's over there right now playing golf.

Mom and Dad got here about 10:30 with another awesome present for Ross. They got him an ice cream maker, which he has been wanting for a long time. After they got here we all headed to the creek. We spent the whole day just playing and it was wonderful. Mom and Dad were the only ones from my side of the family who could make it. Ross's parents and sister were there and of course his Aunt Karen and Uncle Jerry, Uncle John, Aunt Susie and Uncle Jimmie, his grandparents and several of his cousins were all there. We had lunch, the boys shot some trap, the ladies played with all the kids in the creek. We had lots of little people today. Chloe, Ethan, Kayleen, Alexis and Brooke all 3 and under! They had lots of fun playing together in the big sand pile, the creek and on the trampoline. We had chocolate sheet cake and homemade ice cream thanks to Ross's grandma! We played some horseshoes, and washers, a few took 4 wheeler rides and we just sat around under the shade trees and enjoyed the beautiful weather today! The break from the heat wave couldn't have happened at a better time.

Ross has never been a big fan of making a big deal about his birthday, but I insisted we do something for his 30th. We have a wonderful, wonderful day! I will get some pictures posted as soon as I can!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Favorite Day of the Week - Saturday

Ross took out the window in the big bedroom and put in a door which leads out to a new deck!
The other side of the bigger room

The small bedroom


And my angel in the pool!

My little princess is down for her nap after spending a fun hour or so in the kiddie pool! Saturday is my favorite day of the week. I've worked Friday night and don't have to go back to work until Tuesday night. And as long as we don't have an event to attend (which a lot of times we do!) my Saturdays are pretty much free to do whatever I want. I always tell myself that I'm going to do lots of housework so I can enjoy the rest of the weekend, but usually the only thing I do is load the dishwasher and the rest waits til later! But that's okay with me, this is my time to catch up on some much needed rest.

Ross is spending a lot of his weekends working on the upstairs getting it remodeled so we can move up there this fall or early winter and actually use all the space in our house. There are 2 bedrooms and a half bath up there and since I moved in after we got married we've never really used in except for storage. So, Ross is gutting it and putting in all new wiring, insulation, drywall, you name it, he's going to do it. He is going to expand the bathroom and put in a stand up shower for himself and then we don't have to share bathrooms anymore. ;) We had hoped to have it ready before the new baby arrives because we don't actually have the space downstairs for all of us. But, we are using his mowing money to finance the project so we kind of have to wait for him to make the money to use it! So, we are hoping to be moved up there by Christmas. Our bedroom and the nursery will be upstairs. Alexis will take over our current room, which means her little room will be the office and we can reclaim our living room. It is currently the everything room. It will be so nice for her to have a room big enough to keep all her toys in and be able to play in. Right now, all her stuff is in the living room, so it always looks like Hurricane Alexis has been here! I will post some pictures along the way as the progress is made. Here are a few before pictures.

My Very First Blog

Welcome to my first blog! I really don't have much to say tonight, just thought maybe starting a blog would be a good idea to stay connected with family and friends. I've used MySpace and Facebook, but with a blog it might be easier for people who don't use social networking pages to keep up with what is happening in our lives. I know that I've enjoyed getting a sneak peek into the lives of some of my family and friends through their blogs. (Thank you Ashley for inspiring me to start my own blog!)

I came home from work early tonight. Having just started the third trimester of my second pregnancy, I am finding that the heat is very exausting at this point. I'm counting the days until September 17th arrives. I'm hoping that this baby will decide to make an early appearance like Alexis did!

I will post more soon, but for now I think it's time to get some rest, I have a busy weekend ahead!