Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ross's 30th Birthday

Here's a picture of me from today that I swiped off of Uncle Jerry's Facebook page. I'm 28 weeks and 3 days pregnant and I look like I'm either delivering tomorrow or having twins! ;) They tell me it's just one though. I realized just how big I look when I saw this picture!

Ross turned 30 today! He started out the day with loading up the truck with stuff to spend the day at his Uncle Jerry and Aunt Karen's place on the creek. They were generous enough to let us have a party for him there. When Alexis woke up we sat down and he opened his card that she had colored in for him, and then he opened his present. (I have some pictures from the day, but I have no way of getting them from the camera to the computer without going to the store and putting them on CD, so my pictures will be delayed if I'm writing about an event that just happened.) I actually managed to surprise him with a gift this year. He is such a pill to shop for. He is so picky about what he wants, he prefers to pick it out himself, so it's hard to surprise him. But, I did! I got him a Wii Sport and he loves it!!! He's over there right now playing golf.

Mom and Dad got here about 10:30 with another awesome present for Ross. They got him an ice cream maker, which he has been wanting for a long time. After they got here we all headed to the creek. We spent the whole day just playing and it was wonderful. Mom and Dad were the only ones from my side of the family who could make it. Ross's parents and sister were there and of course his Aunt Karen and Uncle Jerry, Uncle John, Aunt Susie and Uncle Jimmie, his grandparents and several of his cousins were all there. We had lunch, the boys shot some trap, the ladies played with all the kids in the creek. We had lots of little people today. Chloe, Ethan, Kayleen, Alexis and Brooke all 3 and under! They had lots of fun playing together in the big sand pile, the creek and on the trampoline. We had chocolate sheet cake and homemade ice cream thanks to Ross's grandma! We played some horseshoes, and washers, a few took 4 wheeler rides and we just sat around under the shade trees and enjoyed the beautiful weather today! The break from the heat wave couldn't have happened at a better time.

Ross has never been a big fan of making a big deal about his birthday, but I insisted we do something for his 30th. We have a wonderful, wonderful day! I will get some pictures posted as soon as I can!

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