Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Exciting days on Hwy TT

Well ok, I haven't done such a good job of posting daily.....I'm keeping pretty busy with other stuff these days!

We spent some quality time with my sweet neighbor and her family last week. They moved here last fall and Becky and I bonded quickly and have a lot of the same ideas about life and such. She and her husband Steve have 7 beautiful children! Alexis and Isabel love spending time with them and are getting lots of practice for our new baby. Juliana is 3 months and they dote on her! She is the sweetest little thing you'll ever see. I promise to get some pictures of them this week so you can put faces with names.

Anyway, back to last week, on Wednesday we got our first of three visits from the exterminator (old house=lots of place for creepy crawlies to come in). Because I'm pregnant I have to be out of the house for at least 4 hours. We killed some time in town, running some errands, played at the park, had lunch, and I still had at least another hour before I could be back in the house. I called up Becky to see if we could invade their space for about an hour or so. 1 hour turned into 3 and the girls didn't want to leave then, so we promised to come back the next afternoon as well.

Back down the road we went the next afternoon and stayed for 6 hours this time! We stayed for supper and I got a new recipe that's super yummy. I also got some cake recipes for her since the one I attempted to make for Alexis' birthday was kind of a flop. She always makes and decorates her kids cakes so I got lot of pointers from her.

On Friday, we switched locations and they came to our house instead. The kids have so much fun and you would never believe there were 8 kids, plus a baby crammed in our little house for as good as they all were.

Saturday was a pretty laid back day at home, had a late supper at the in-laws. Homemade biscuits with gravy for breakfast Sunday morning, again down at my mother and father-in-laws. Sunday, I worked on the house and laundry and then watched it rain buckets that afternoon and evening.

Monday is our Rolla day, Alexis has dance and I do the grocery shopping for the week. We also picked up the proofs from the girls picture session last week. So cute!!! I'll share a couple at the end of this post. We got to watch a little bit of my niece Hannah's soccer game last night on our way home from Rolla. My sister had all of my maternity clothes from her last pregnancy and she gave me all that back, plus a ton of stuff she had gotten as well. I should be pretty set on "baby belly" clothes as Alexis calls them! I am 12 weeks today and glad to say that I can still wear all my "normal" clothes.

So, now we have reached today and the excitement! Laugh if you want, but I was ecstatic when Ross told me he called to get new gravel for the driveway!!! We have been in desperate need for awhile now. It really is amazing the little things that can get you so excited. 10 years ago I wouldn't have considered anything about gravel remotely exciting. There you have it then, you are caught up on my boring little life. See ya again soon!

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Joyce Kay said...

Beautiful girls!!! Love the pictures!