Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happy Weekend

I still haven't been doing much blogging here, I have been blogging on my private weight loss blog though. That's what my life is consisting of right now. Really focused on losing more weight and exercising.

The girls are well, growing too quickly though. Alexis is at her first birthday party today where I dropped her off and will go back to pick her up at the end of the party. It was cowgirl theme and she had a blast dressing for it. We went to The Family Center last week and both the girls got cowboy boots. They'd been begging for us to get them some ever since Ross and I got new boots back in the fall. We finally caved and decided to get them some. They look so adorable in them!

Life is pretty normal and quiet for now, and I'm loving it that way. If you would like to read my weight loss blog, send me your email address and I will invite you. I prefer to keep it private for now. I've shared some unflattering pictures and even more unflattering scale numbers. But, I'm now sharing after pictures, which look much nicer, and much more acceptable scale numbers as well!

Hope you all are enjoying your Sunday. The weather is yucky, cold and rainy here today, although it's supposed to reach 70 tomorrow, but be back into the teens by the end of the week. Go figure, we do live in Missouri after all. I plan to curl up with my little girls after we pick up Alexis, and watch a good movie.

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Nel said...

I am incredibly behind with reading and commenting on blogs.... but I wrote a post today and had to check in on yours ;o) Hope you have a good day!!!