Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nap time

Okay Parents. I have a question about napping. When did your children stop taking naps?

If I remember correctly, Alexis stopped napping between 3 and 4. That's also when she started sleeping much better at night. Going to sleep fast and staying asleep and in her bed all night.

Isabel is getting close to no naps....I think. I sure wish she would just give them up already. Yesterday for example, we managed to keep her awake all day. She only got out of bed once at bedtime, instead of multiple times. She did end up in bed with us, but that's pretty typical. Today, she's already napping right now, her usual nap time isn't until anywhere from 3-5, but I think she fell asleep earlier because of no nap yesterday. She usually wants to be held and then falls asleep. Today she crawled up in one of the recliners and was out in no time.

I'm just wanting some feed back from you all on your children's experience with naps.


Bethany Haid said...

I have heard that second kids with older sibling stop napping sooner.

I plan to have these kids nap or stay in room for quiet time of an hour until school starts for them.

DHH will be four July 29 and is still a regular napper. There are a few random days when he doesn't nap, and he needs to be in bed by 630 those days because he is exhausted.

I think I will use an hour long cd to mark the time for him when it comes time for him to be resting/playing quietly. I don't think I will do TV time as rest time.

Valerie said...

E stopped napping about the time he was 13 months old and I never could hardly get him to do it again. K is going on 4 now and she still really needs a nap. She doesn't take one every day but if she doesn't, boy howdy you are ready for her to go by about 6-7pm for sure. Lately she's been falling asleep late, like 430-5 pm and when she is out, she is OUT. So then she's up at 7 and I expect her to go to bed at 8... fun times, fun times...

Nel said...

I must say that Libby and Abby are night and day sleepers. Libby napped and I made her rest till she was at least 3. When Abby was a baby I had Libby lay down and watch a movie after lunch - if she stayed awake the whole time she could get up and be done resting but she usually fell asleep and took a nap. Libby Sleeps in if I let her!
Abby..... doesn't require much sleep! She cut naps out at around 2. She goes to bed around 7:30 (like clock work! She goes till she is done and then crashes) and is up with the sun at 6:30! Even on weekends :( So if Abby naps - she is sick.
I am probably not much help. Our routines really started more with school! When you have a more relaxed schedule and the kiddos don't have to get up super early in the mornings it's easier to be flexible :o) (I miss that a lot some days ;o).