Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Super Bad Blogger

So, I am horrible at keeping up with this blog. Obviously the only time I can is when I'm not working. Right now I'm on Temporary Lay Off from Walmart, so I'm going to try and squeeze in a few posts. I really shouldn't even be sitting down here doing this right now, but I am.

A lot of time has passed since my last post. I'll try and give an overview of the last 6 months.

In July, Ross and I went on a diet (hCG) and both lost some weight. Ross lost 50 and I lost 35. It felt awesome to get rid of all the baby weight and get back down to what I was when we got married. (I still have more I need to lose and have started another round of the hCG this month.)

Summer was good, busy like always. We spend as much time in the water (pool, creek, river) as possible during the hot months. I got a pretty rocking tan this year as well!

In September we went to Gulf Shores, AL for a week, totally awesome!! I would go to the beach every time we go on vacation, but Ross says that we've been to the beach twice now, we have to pick a different terrain for our next big trip.

Fall rushed in, probably busier than Summer, that's my very favorite time of year! We had another Fall Party at our house and it was great.

Got to spend some quality time with my best friend Amy several times over the past few months. That's one thing that we've promised each other this year, making time to get together. We only live an hour away from one another and we have such kindred spirits, we just need to see one another more often than we were since we rekindled our friendship. Her and Chris are getting married in October, so that's for sure going to be something that will get us together often, wedding planning! We already took a girl weekend in November for shopping and fun and had a total blast! ;)

Getting over losing David has been a strange journey. After the first month or two, I felt pretty okay and like life had returned to normal. I was fine and didn't get weepy or sad like I thought I might. I almost felt guilty that I wasn't sadder. But, around the middle of October, it hit me. I should have been delivering him at anytime and that's when the emptiness and sadness overtook me. Every since the coming and passing of the due date, I have moments when I really miss our baby that should be here with us. It was hard at all the holidays especially. I look forward to later this year when we try again. I have major baby fever and can't wait to hold, smell and love on a sweet newborn again.

The girls have both grown and changed so much over the past few months. Alexis is 5½ and started kindergarten at home this year. She is doing really well. Isabel turned 3 in September and is still as rotten as the day is long, but so sweet at times and still my snugly baby girl. Not sure what she'll do when we actually have a baby at home and she won't be able to be held whenever she wants. Alexis and Isabel are the true definition of sisters, they'll be fighting like crazy one minute and sweet and loving the next. I just hope they remain close as they get older. I remember laying in bed one night, listening to them chatting with each other in their room, hoping that it would be the same 10 years from now when they are 15 and 13(that's a scary thought, 15 and 13 year old daughters!).

Ross is excellent, lawn mowing season wasn't the best this year because of the drought, but the girls and I enjoyed having him at home more. He got to go to day shift in August and has been loving it. He has a great routine now and I look forward to the day when I get to stay at home and be done with my night shift, messed up schedule.  Because of his change, we no longer have to have babysitters, one step closer to getting me home full time.

The holidays were wonderful! We spent Thanksgiving at Ross' grandparents house with lots of yummy food and most of the family there. Christmas was 4 days straight of family and friends. Started off at Amy and Chris', Ross' Grandparents, Ross' parents on Christmas Eve, Christmas morning at home and then my parents. Then one more Christmas at Mom and Dad's again on the 29th and 30th with siblings.

I know a lot more has happened than just that, but that's what I'm covering at this point. I'll try and share some pictures soon, but I think I'm friends with most of you on Facebook, so you probably already know all that I just shared. If you aren't and you want to friend me, please do, it's my favorite way of keeping up with people because it goes with me on my phone and I can squeeze that in a lot easier than writing or reading blog posts. You can find me on Facebook here

Until the next time, blessings to you! :)

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Ashley said...

I would love to chat with you about your kindergarten home schooling journey. Gray will start next year! Maybe we can share some curriculum...we'll pass down the boys and you can pass down A's! ;0)