Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Last Night...

......was rough. The afternoon started out just fine. I got a little nap and a shower while the girls were napping. Alexis woke up and I spent a little bit of time with her and then I got Isabel up to feed her because it had been almost 4 hours since she had eaten. I guess I should have left her sleeping longer because all she did for the next 6 hours was cry. I nursed and she was fine until I tried to lay her down and she would wake up and scream. At one point she didn't even want to nurse she just cried no matter what I did. The bouncy seat worked for about 5 minutes and that was all she wanted to do with that. I felt so bad for Alexis. I would put Isabel down for a bit and we'd just listen to her cry because I knew I needed to be spending time with Alexis too. I talked to Dad and of course Alexis had to talk too and she told him, "Isabel cry lots", "Hush up Isabel".

Through Isabel's cries I did manage to read some stories to Alexis and attempt to get her down for the night, but she was hollering at me from her room for a while, so I went to get her and was going to hold her for a bit and try to get her down. At one point she wanted to lay in my bed, so I told her to go ahead and get up there. She called for me to come lay down with her, so I did, and brought Isabel with me. Alexis told me, "Lay Isabel down out there". So, when Ross got home after midnight, I was spending a few minutes with Alexis in our bed and Isabel was screaming at the top of her lungs in the living room. Finally, we were all 4 in our bed, Alexis in the middle and I was doing the side lying position nursing Isabel, she crashed first and Ross got her into the bassinet and she stayed asleep this time, then Alexis conked out and got moved to her crib and finally sleep for Mommy and Daddy too. Isabel slept until 5, so I got 4 good hours of sleep and then another hour and a half or so after that feeding. Hopefully this evening will be much less uneventful. I'd just as soon be up with her all night than to have a repeat of last night for Alexis' sake.

I ordered pacifiers online last night. The kind we used with Alexis are the same kind we will use with Isabel and the only place I know of to get them is Babies-R-Us, and we don't exactly have one of those around the corner. So, they will be here in a few days, plus Mom called and she is coming down tomorrow so she is going to go pick some up for us too. Let's just pray that they will comfort Isabel, but not give her nipple confusion. It is very important to me that we are able to breastfeed until at least 1 year old. Back to the pacifier, the reason we don't have some already is because I thought we needed to wait at least 6 weeks for breastfeeding to get established well, but I'm hearing from other mom's that they gave their babies the plug from birth on and did just fine with breastfeeding. Let's pray that will be the case for Isabel, because I cannot be a pacifier for her and much as I'd love to spend that kind of time with her it is not fair to the rest of my family, and honestly my nipples are a little sore :-).

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