Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Test

This has been one of my longest absences from my blog. Life has of course been busier than ever, but I also accepted a challenge from my husband.

We have been spatting with each other a bit here lately, nothing major, just every day life stuff. He made a comment at the beginning of the week that went something like this, "If you'd stay off that d@#$ computer you might actually be able to get this house clean." Although a challenge wasn't really given, I made one for myself.

Monday morning was my last time on the computer until Friday night. I had to sit down and balance the checkbook and pay a few bills. So I decided to give Ross a challenge of his own. I asked him to only watch the shows that we record and no other TV. Now that mowing season is winding down, he will sit in front of the TV from the time he gets up around 8ish until he leaves for work at 3. I'm concerned about how much Alexis and Isabel are exposed to right now, not sure Walker, Texas Ranger is the best show for a 3 year old!

He said he will try, but isn't going to make any promises. I'm going to try and stay off the computer unless it's the weekend and I already only watch our pre-recorded shows, and I'm way behind on those too. I'm hoping that if I keep up with my part of cutting back on computer/TV time it will influence Ross and Alexis as well. If we let her, she would watch TV and movies all day.

As I type, we are sitting in traffic on the way to the zoo. I uploaded a blogger app to my phone and I'm blogging from the car, I might actually be able to get more posts out this way. Can't promise that they'll be great posts with proper spelling, I haven't figured out how to do spell check on my phone!

I really miss reading all my friends blogs, that's the only downside to staying off the computer. When I'm in a 3G zone or have Wifi available I can read them from my phone and I'll try and comment occasionally, I really miss you girls and guys too!

I'm going to hop off here for now, have a great weekend!

PS. My house isn't any cleaner yet, but I'm getting there!
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Ashley said...

That's awesome! I'm so excited to hear from you, and especially from your phone, how awesome is that?!

Chrissy said...

Husbands can clean, too.