Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hello Again

Still crazy, busy living life. Not much time today either, but I wanted to say a quick hello.

Last weekend we had a wedding reception on Saturday night and then we went to Rocky Ridge over by Ste. Genevieve, MO to my brother and sister-in-laws new lake house on Sunday. We were going to have a nice picnic and let the kids play on the playground, but it started raining around the time we headed down there to eat and it was pretty chilly. So we ate under the pavilion all huddled up under coats and blankets and then went back to the house. It was nice to see some family though, even if the weather was yucky.

Monday was our weekly Rolla trip. Dance class, which Alexis is loving by the way. And then Walmart. I found Alexis' Halloween costume! It's too small though so I'm going to exchange it today. She is going as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. I'd like to find a Toto costume for Isabel, but I think I'll have to go to a Halloween shop for that.

This coming weekend is the Lea Family Reunion Saturday day and then the Life is Great on Hwy 8 bonfire party that night. Should be a great day! Really looking forward to it. I'll have pictures from both to share!

On a totally unrelated note, Isabel is now weaned and hasn't nursed now for over a week and a half. I was going to do a whole post on it and I still might. Funny thing is, I'm leaking milk today...I haven't had that happen in about 2 months. Kind of strange....good thing I still have some boob pads or that could get embarrassing.

Have a great week/weekend. Hopefully I'll have time to post some more this week.

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