Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Survived

Monday was my crazy day, so I thought I would give you all a recap.

Alexis, Isabel and I left the house at 1pm. First stop was Alexis' first dentist appointment. She did great! I was so proud of her. We have been pumping her up for a few weeks, hoping that we would have a good experience her first time. Dr. Ausmus was wonderful with her as well. She has 20 teeth right now and he said they looked good. He said with the spacing it looks like she'll get my teeth, so no braces! The only trouble spot were her incisors, he had to scrape a little gunk off of them, but now we know and will be more careful to make sure she gets them brushed as well as the ones in the front and back.

Next stop, Isabel's 1 year well baby visit. We were early, so we had a long waiting room time, but thankfully, they have a big open area there and the girls got to play for quite awhile. Isabel weighs 21lbs and is 29¼ inches tall. She did get 2 shots, but she did pretty well with them.

From there, we headed across town to my eye doctors. I've been having problems with really blood shot eyes and they hurt sometimes as well. Dr. Falkenhein discovered that I have a virus and I can't wear contacts for the next 2 weeks and I have to use drops 3 times a day during that time as well.

I don't have any glasses, but I don't legally need to wear anything at all. I have been wanting to get a pair of glasses for work, so I don't have to mess with the safety glasses they want us to wear. Walmart Vision has $9 frames with $29 lenses, plus I get a 20% discount for being an associate. So I am getting a pair of glasses for $32 and some change! Pretty excited about that, I was expecting to have to spend a lot more.

After we left the eye doctor's, we went to Arby's to have a bite to eat. Isabel fell asleep in the car and slept the whole time we were in Arby's. When we left there, we ran over to Walmart and I took care of ordering the glasses and picked up a couple of things.

Next, it was time to head to dance class. My sweet cousin Ashley had a sweet tea from McDonald's waiting for me. She knew how crazy my afternoon had been! Alexis loved dance class again! I'm so happy she is liking it so much. I got to watch her on the monitor this week and she did really well. She tried following along with everything the teacher was showing them. Some of it was a little off, but she tried! She was so cute!

We left dance and headed back to Steelville. We got into town just as it was Ross' supper break so we stopped to visit him. Then we finally went home and I was exhausted!

After all the stops that day, I got the girls in and out of their car seats 7 times! Alexis makes it a little easier now because she can climb in and out and can strap herself in as well. Needless to say, I'm not scheduling a day like that anytime soon.

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Joyce Kay said...

Glad that you survived your big Monday full of appointments.
I take Gibson & Blanche to Dr Ausmus. I really like him and the kids do to. We had the same problem with the incisors....I've been helping both Gibson and Blanche to make sure we are getting all the teeth. Dr Ausmus had already did 3 fillings on Gibson, which Gibson did awesome tears or anything!!! I know it can be really tiring getting kids in and out of the car. Especially when Blanche crawls in the Tahoe and thinks she can just go all the way in the back. Sometimes I actually have to crawl in the back and pull her up to the front to buckle her in her car seat. ugh!!!