Monday, November 22, 2010

JCPenney Pictures

I took the girls to JCPenney's last weekend to get their pictures done. Isabel was TERRIBLE! She would not co-operate at all. Alexis did fabulous like always. I did end of getting a few cute ones of Isabel too, but she isn't really smiling at all. I will try for some more in a few months, maybe a Valentine's themed photo shoot??
 Alexis looks like such a big girl in all of these pictures. It makes me a little sad to see sometimes. She's not my little baby anymore.
 The only thing that made Isabel happy was playing with my cell phone, so it's in all the pictures!
 This is Isabel's pouty face

I think this last one of Alexis is my favorite, I got it in a 10x13!


Murdock's mama said...


Britt said...

Such sweet girls! Love all of these!

thechattymommy said...

Your girls are adorable!
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valerie said...

awwww, but Mom! The little ones don't wanna be in a studio, they wanna be out running around!
They are all really cute though :)

GapGirl said...

your girls are just precious!!!Love the pictures.
Merry Christmas