Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Morning

This one is of Alexis right after she started opening her stocking and she found about 5 different Lip Smackers.

Isabel is quite thrilled

Alexis had a lot of fun opening her presents this year!

And she got to open Isabel's for her too.

Now it's time for the big

And she liked it!

She really loved her new baby too!

Isabel didn't make it through the whole process before she fell asleep!

We had a great Christmas morning at our house!


kimberly anderson said...

I love those pillows! Do you mind if I ask you where you got them?

Jessica said...

Thanks! A lady from Fredericktown has an online shop and sells kids stuff and also makes some gorgeous hand bags to. Here is the link to her blog http://2-sweetboutique.blogspot.com/ the kids shop is called toadstools and blossoms. You'll find the link to it on her blog.

Jackie @ 2 Sweet Handbag Company said...

Aww...Thanks Jessica for sharing those pics!! :) Looks like Alexis had fun!

Jessica said...

Hope you got to see the right pictures, I changed my layout and was fixing my post and I accidentally deleted some of the pictures and had to add them back in, LOL!