Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lazy Day

I'm being a total bum today and I love it. Friday night was my last night to work and I've been going like a whirlwind ever since, so I'm ready for a little down time.

Saturday evening we had a fish fry with some friends and then first thing Sunday morning I headed to St. Louis. Got to visit my brother Brent and it was really great to see him. He has struggled for years with addictions, but it getting the help and deliverance he needs at Teen Challenge. He can only receive visitation on Saturday and Sunday for 4 hours each afternoon, so I went out there with the girls and Mom and Dad. Alexis warmed up to him very well considering it's probably been a year since she's seen him. We had a really nice time with him. I'll probably get back to see him maybe again this weekend.

Ross met me at Mom and Dad's when we got back from seeing Brent and we headed out to do a bit of shopping. We really only went to Babies R Us to get Isabel's next set of pacifiers and then to Sam's Club. We mainly just did normal shopping, but I did get a Christmas gift while I was at Sam's. After we got back to Mom and Dad's I fed Isabel and then we went out to see "New Moon". I loved it! Ross wasn't really impressed because he expected the vampires to be in it more than they were. I also think he didn't enjoy it as much because he hasn't read the books. I think he'll really like "Eclipse" though, I'm sure it will have all the action he needs!

After the movie Ross headed home and I spent the night with the girls because I needed to take my car to the dealership and get the left rear door lock fixed. After I got the girls to bed, Alexis finally went down at almost midnight, I headed to Walmart to finish up the girls Christmas stuff. I only needed to get the stuff for their stockings and now they are all done. I finally got to bed at 2am and Isabel decided to wake up crying at 3:30am and then I had to get up at 5:15am to drop off the car and then drop Dad off at work and drive his suburban home. Got back to bed at 6:30am and then Alexis decided she needed to be up at 7am. So, we got up and I put a movie in for her and then fell asleep on the couch until 8:30 when Isabel woke up to eat. After I fed her, she and I laid on the living room floor and slept until 10am. Needless to say that was one of the roughest nights I've had since Isabel was brand new and up every 2 hours.

But, I managed to get some Christmas shopping done that afternoon. I now only have a few small things to finish up and I'll be all done! YAY! I'm know I'm not super early this year, but I feel pretty good about the things I've accomplished. Ross even wrapped a few presents while I was gone.

Didn't get to pick up the car Monday evening so I spent another night at Mom and Dad's. Car was finally done yesterday afternoon. I had to pay the $100 deductible on our extended warranty (just what you need at Christmastime). I wasn't really happy about that since I'd had the problem a day or so after I got the car, just hadn't been able to get it back in to be looked at. So, I talked with the salesman that worked with us and they are going to send us a check for $50. Better than nothing!

I finally made it back home last night around 5:30 and I was glad to be back. We went in to see Ross while he was on his lunch and he was very happy to see us. Today, I've just been enjoying catching up on some rest. I took a nice morning nap on the couch, and then this afternoon while I've been blogging, Alexis and Ross napped on the couch before Ross heads to work. Now, he's up and so is Isabel, so I'm off to pack his lunch and then feed the baby and enjoy some snuggles with my girls tonight.

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