Monday, August 23, 2010

It's Late & Quiet...A Weekend Review

Hi all. The girls are asleep for the least for now anyway. We are still working on that issue. I'm waiting up for Ross to get home from work and I've got about and hour of time to kill. And yes, I should be cleaning, but I felt like cranking out a quick post since I'm sure I'll get wrapped up in my work week and probably not get one out until Friday.

We had a very busy, but very good weekend. Saturday we left around 12:30 and headed over to Farmington for Callie's 1st birthday! I can't believe her and Isabel are both almost a year old already. Callie won't actually be one until the 27th and Isabel is soon after on September 10th.
Here are Callie & Isabel still in our bellies!
Here they are at about 6 weeks
 Here they are at 5 months
And here is birthday girl Callie! And Isabel at her party!


We had a really good time at the party even though we were drenched in sweat by the time we left!

We headed for St. Louis when we left the party. Ross and I decided we were going to ask my parents to babysit and we were going on a date! We got to Mom and Dad's and hung out for a few minutes and then took off again.

Our first stop was dinner at Olive Garden, our entrees were nothing to write home about, but with the salad, bread sticks and appetizers, you can never have a bad meal at that place. Next we headed to the nail shop for some much needed pampering for our feet. Ross is a huge fan of pedicures ever since my Dad talked him into getting one sometime last year. I love it, because it means I get my toes done more regularly now. It's only been 3 weeks since our last pedi, but he was ready for another one!

After that we headed to Cabela's for some shopping. Ross was on a mission to get a new scope for his deer rifle and he was also picking up something for his dad as well. I did a lot of browsing and enjoyed thinking about all the stuff I'd buy from there if I had the money. We left there and got some ice cream on the way back to my parents. We had a really great evening and we really needed it. Ever since I've gone back to work, it's been really hard for us to find quality couple time.

We spent the night at Mom and Dad's and then Sunday morning was my nephew Riley's 3rd birthday party. It was nice seeing my siblings and nieces and nephews and Riley had a great birthday. His step-grandma got him a battery operated jeep just like the one Alexis got on her birthday (well, his wasn't the pink barbie edition!). It was a big hit and he was giving all the kids rides around the yard. Ross and I noticed that his seemed to go a lot faster that Alexis' does. Her's was supposed to have 2 speeds, but it's only gone one speed since we got it. He was looking at the manual and figured out how to change it. This afternoon he adjusted it and I must say, it's like having a brand new toy now. She loves that it goes faster now! Here's a video of her and Isabel tooling around the yard in it this evening.

We got home Sunday afternoon and instead of getting busy, we decided to enjoy the rest of the afternoon/evening. The girls played for a bit and then it was bath and bedtime for them and Ross and I finished out our weekend with some more husband/wife time together and it was just what we needed.

Today was another good day, even though I didn't get as much housework done as I should have, I did spend about 2 hours outside with the girls just playing. That was so nice for me. With it being as hot as it's been the last few months, I don't really enjoy spending that much time outside since I have to deal with the heat 10 hours a day at work. So, the break from the heat is so nice because I really do like spending time outside with the kids. I'm so ready for fall!

Quick update on the kids. Alexis is now wearing her underwear to bed instead of a diaper! *Knock on wood* No accidents yet! It's been a week now and she's doing great with it. We are so relieved to finally be free from buying diapers for 2, it was quite a strain on the checkbook there for a bit when we made Sam's or Walmart trips. Isabel is walking like a champ and getting stronger and braver every day! Today while we were outside, she climbed up the slide on our swingset. That girl is such monkey, she keeps me on my toes all day long!

Here's a few pictures just for the heck of it! Isabel is quiet the Daddy's girl even though she loves her Momma a lot too.
I just love this picture of them:
And here's a cute one of Alexis being silly with her cupcake:

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