Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Week of Sick

Please be adivised: This post is not for the weak stomach or if you plan on eating while reading or very soon after reading. You have been warned, proceed with caution!

My goodness, I'm not really even sure what to think about the past week. First off, let's hope we never have another one like it anytime soon.

Monday morning, Isabel was laying in bed with me and Alexis and she was really fussy and squirmy, then she sat up in the bed and threw up every where. She only threw up that one time, but she didn't have an appetite at all that day and wanted to sleep a lot. I thought maybe she had just eaten something that didn't set with her well. We've been giving her quite a bit of table food lately, so I thought maybe that was what happened.

Monday evening we went into town to feed the ducks at the old park and meet Ross while he was on his supper break from work. I started feeling kind of yucky, but didn't think too much of it. I was planning on starting hard core on a diet Tuesday morning, so I had ordered a cheese burger, fries and ice cream for my one last, bad meal. I picked it up from Bouse's, but even the smell of it kind of made my stomach turn. We got back home and I felt horrible. Just the thought of eating was making my stomach turn. I laid down on the couch, but didn't stay there long. I was in and out of the bathroom several times with diarrhea.

It wasn't fun at all, I had to call Ross to come home because I knew I wouldn't be able to take care of the girls. This all started a little after 8. Ross got home around 9:30 and I went straight upstairs to my bed. Alexis came and laid with me after her bath and Ross took care of getting Isabel down.

About 12:30 or so, Ross came upstairs to come to bed. The sheets had to be put on the bed still so he asked me to get up. I was sitting in the glider in our room and was very hot, sweaty and nauseous. I laid down after Ross got the bed made and then got right back up and ran to the bathroom. This time I was vomiting. I got myself cleaned up and brushed my teeth, drank some water and went back to bed. I thought maybe the worst of it would be over. I woke up again around 3:45 with the same feeling as before. I had another round of diarrhea and was barely finished with that when I started vomiting again. I've heard of people having both things happen at the same time, but it's never been like that for me until then., not fun. After I got all that mess cleaned up, I came downstairs and slept in the guest bed in the playroom.

I woke up Tuesday morning feeling terrible still, I had a dull headache and was dizzy every time I tried to stand up. Isabel woke up and and wanted to nurse, so she was laying with me for a bit, and then she threw up again. Got that mess cleaned up then her and I slept for a few more hours. I finally got up after 10 sometime and started moving around a little bit. Well, I say moving around, I moved from the bed to the couch. Around 1 I got up and showered and started getting ready for work.

Isabel slept pretty much off and on the rest of the day and evening. I got a message from Jennifer around 5:30 saying that Alexis was now puking. Great, it's going to make it's way around the whole house before it finishes. Instead of asking Jennifer to deal with a sick kid, Ross came home from work to take care of the girls. Alexis threw up several more times that evening before she was finished. I had started feeling better and better the later the night went on at work. Thankfully, I was working in the AC office, otherwise I would not have been able to be out working in that heat after being sick like that.

When I got home from work Tuesday night at 2:30am Wednesday morning, the first thing I hear is Alexis holler, "Mommy, I'm poopy." She was awake beside my bed and had just finished pooping, so I got her changed and back to bed. Ross was laying in our bed with a bowl on the floor beside the bed. He was sick too. He only got the diarrhea part of it though, not the vomiting, but he felt horrible for the better part of a day and a half too.

Wednesday for Ross was like my Tuesday had been. Sleeping until it was time to go to work. Isabel started with some diarrhea on Wednesday as well. But, she was eating dry toast and banana. I got a message from Jennifer saying that Isabel hadn't peep or pooped in a long time and she had stopped taking drinks of anything from her. When Ross got home after Midnight, I had him call the Dr.'s offce. Dr. Rao called him back and said not to worry yet, it was probably just her resisting the babysitter since she was sick, she just wanted Mommy or Daddy. She started drinking for Ross as soon as he got home. She finally started peeing and pooping again by Thursday morning.

It seems like we are finally all getting better now, but man that was quite a week. And go figure, it was a busy week at work, so I put in a full 40 hours which means I didn't get a lot of sleep, so yesterday I did pretty much nothing at all. Hoping next week is going to be so much better than this one was.

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