Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Car is totalled

We got the call from the insurance company this afternoon. They stopped estimating damages when they reached $7,100.00. It is totalled. They offered us $6,900.00 for it, which would give us more than enough to pay it off with. We only owe about $4,000.00 on it.

We are still stewing over our options. They want $1,100.00 for it if we buy it back. Ross is going to call the body shop in the morning and see what it will take to make it drive the way it used to, before the wreck. He is trying everything he can to salvage it so we don't end up with another payment again. I would feel more comfortable just getting a different car. I don't want to drive a wrecked one and I'm afraid it will cost way to much to fix anyway.

Another option we thought of was to take the money, pay off the car and the truck and we'd have a little leftover after that, and 2 big payments would be gone! And then make due with 1 vehicle until it is time for me to go back to work after maternity leave, which could be 3 -6 months after I have the baby before I'll go back. Right now, we are borrowing Ross' parents truck. His dad has a work truck, so they rarely need both of their vehicles at the same time and they said they would be glad to let us use it until I stop working and have the baby. Thank you so much!! We are so blessed with wonderful parents!

I will keep you posted and I'm going to try to get the pictures of the car up tomorrow. I have no cables for my camera and no ports on the computer for my memory stick, so I have to wait until I've been somewhere to make a CD before I can get pictures on the computer. (Can't wait until I can get a new camera, those digital SLR's have me wanting a new one bad!)

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