Saturday, August 1, 2009

Car Accident

Ross, Alexis and I were all in our first car accident today. We are all okay, no injuries at all....except the poor car. I am so thankful to the Lord that we were not injured, because it could have been bad.

We were on 44 coming up to St. Louis and it was raining really hard. We hydro planed and Ross got the car under control and as soon as we were under control we hit another big patch of water and hydro planed again. This time he couldn't gain control. We did a 180 on the highway and went off into the median. The cables that they have in the middle of the highway got us slowed down and stopped. Alexis was asleep when we started spinning, but was awake by the time we came to a stop. She never cried or even acted at all scared, so I don't think it will have any affect on her. It all happened so fast, but I don't remember banging into the car or my seat belt even locking up on me. So, as far as accidents go, it was a good one to have, if you can say any of them are good.

I am also very thankful that no other cars were involved. The damage to our car and ourselves probably would have been much worse if we had come into contact with another vehicle. The traffic was just crazy today, so I know God has His hand on us the whole time, protecting us from harm. Thank you Jesus!

Our entire exhaust system and muffler were ripped off the car as well as the back bumper and the rear quarter panels. We got the car out of the median and to the shoulder and tried to drive it to the next exit, but it's not drivable. The tow truck driver seems to think that the car is totalled, but we will see what they say on Monday or Tuesday when they come to look at it. I'll post some pictures when the camera gets here.

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Brittany Ciara Sheets said...

Car accidents are never fun. :( I remember my first one like it was yesterday. Thank God you are all okay. Hope you will stop by my blog, I posted my accident story on my 5QF post. Have a great day and it was nice meeting you! :)