Monday, August 10, 2009


Yesterday we went up to Mom and Dad's for a BBQ. The BBQ was also a way to get us there without telling us that it was really a get together for my family to give us gifts for the new baby! My family knows that it is hard to get a surprise off on me, because I always know every thing that is going on, but this time they did. I had an idea that the get together was for our benefit, but only because when Dad told me about it, he said that they wanted all the kids to come over since we more than likely won't make it up for the big party on Labor Day since that is so close to my due date. I just didn't know that it was a "baby party". And really it was just some presents for the new one, not really a "baby party". I'm not a big fan of showers after your first baby, unless it's a small family thing like we did with my sister when she had Jackson.

Anyway, it was a nice day. The only time that we spent outside in the sweltering heat, was to let the kids play in the blow up pool my Dad got for them. Alexis had a blast! It has an inflatable slide with it, and she loved it. I'll try and post some pictures soon. I keep saying that, but I think I will actually have time to put my pics on a CD tomorrow. Ross' parents and sister also came over for the BBQ too. We got lots of nice things to add to what we already have, and some super cute clothes too. I'm usually pretty particular about clothes and having them be specifically for boy or girl, not a big fan of the neutral stuff. But, what Sarah and Tim gave us is just adorable and I'll be happy to put it on a boy or girl! I think everyone is hoping we have a boy! Ross and I just want another baby that is as happy and healthy as Alexis has been.

Ross and I had a good long talk last night that was way over due. I'm not going into details, but the last few weeks have been a little stressful and we needed to talk some things out and that is just what we did. Sometimes it just feels good to have a good cry and that is just what I did last night. It was one of those cries that makes you feel better when you are done.

I go for a baby check up tomorrow. I'm hoping we have time to maybe take a peek at the baby on the ultrasound. Everyone was very concerned about me and the baby after our car accident. I knew everything was fine, but I called the doctor anyway just to confirm. They said as long as the baby was still active and I wasn't cramping or bleeding then everything was okay. I never felt anything other than my baby kicking lots! And some of those kicks are getting quite powerful, like the baby is trying to tell me it is as ready to come out and I am for it to get here! As soon as he/she is ready, I'm ready!

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