Saturday, August 8, 2009

Productive Day

It's been a good day. I got a lot of things on my baby to do list done. If I go into labor tonight, we are almost good to go.

  • Bassinet together = check
  • Baby clothes washed and folded = check
  • Diaper bag packed = check
  • Car seat ready = check
  • Suitcase for the hospital = almost check (that's the last thing I need to work on)

Plus, I almost got all of the other laundry done today, after the three loads of baby stuff.

Alexis and I played in the kiddie pool a bit this afternoon. It's been since June since we had it out since July was so mild. You won't hear me complaining about July though. I just hope August isn't unbearable. Work is getting harder everyday, but I can't let myself take off before I go into labor or I won't get the long maternity leave that I want.

Tomorrow we are heading to Mom and Dad's for a family BBQ. It will be the last chance I get to have any together time with all the family, unless they all decide to come to my house, and that is not likely. I know they love me, but they have no problem letting us do all the driving! I'm hoping that they will at least drive to see us in the hospital when we have the baby.

I know I haven't blogged much this week, but I haven't had a lot on my mind that I wanted to share, just taking it one day at a time.

We settled with the insurance company on Friday about the car. We will wait until after maternity leave to find another one. That should give us a little time to save some money, plus make maternity leave easier since we won't have a car or truck payment anymore. We got enough money out of the car to pay off the rest of the 4 payments left on the truck too! There is always a bright side to everything. Ross asked me Friday how his truck was doing. He is driving his dad's truck and I'm driving ours. He misses his truck and I miss my car, but we will survive! Better to be alive!!

Monday, the appraiser is coming to the house, so hopefully that means within the next month we can get our re-finance finalized....finally. It's been a long process. We went with one bank and thought we were almost to the closing, and something happened with the loan officer and he was let go from the bank, and there wasn't anything in the works for us according to the bank....big bummer. So, we started from scratch somewhere else. Hopefully this one works out.

That's all I've got for now. Good Night.

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