Wednesday, May 26, 2010

American Idol Comes To An End

I  read this article about American Idol. Interesting stuff. The show was different without Paula, but I thought it was okay. It's going to be weird without Simon, but like Paula said on tonight's show, it will go on....

I do agree with some of the things it said about song choices and theme nights. And I like it when they have guest judges. I liked a few of the mentors, but a few of them I could have done without. Maybe it will be better next year.

I just finished watching the finale. Soooooooooooooo happy that this guy won!

I really liked the performance with all the past idols, but where was this guy?

 I was not at all impressed with Christina Aguilera's costume, or Janet Jackson's either. I thought they both looked rather trashy.

It was really nice to see Paula Abdul again!
Would have loved to have seen this guy!
He is still my all time favorite contestant!

Really am so happy that Lee won!


Jennifer @ The Toy Box Years said...

Rumor has it that David Cook was committed to a charity event or else he would have been there.

Very excited Lee won too!

Chrissy said...

I admit that I did not follow this season the way I had all 8 others! But I did watch the finale, and I almost cried when I saw all of the previous winners (minus David Cook which made me sad) along with many other finalist. It was very cool!

Jenna said...

I was super happy with last night. I know Crystal was proabably a better artist but she will probably have a record deal pretty quick anyway. Did you see how nervous Lee was before they announced it? I thought he was going to throw up.

I was confused by Janet Jackson's Nasty boy song...why?

It was a great finale in my opinion. Very good to see all the past contestants.

Kris Allen is my all time favorite. I have a major crush on him. He'll be in Benton on Saturday. I'm super excited about it!

This Daddy said...

Ok, I cant stand that show and it is a joke and Im just saying that the guy that won,

Who really thinks he can sing?

He and the runner up..they stink.

I am so glad that the show is over. Maybe it will never come back

Chrissy said...

Whoa, Scott. That was harsh! ;o)