Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Gardeners

Ross, tilling up our garden space. He's worked really hard on getting it going this spring.
 Alexis loves helping in the garden. She got her rubber boots from her cousin Jackson and she's sporting some awesome gardening gloves too!
Alexis loves riding on the mower with Ross, only problem is, it puts her to sleep every time.
Putting in the tomato plants.

Our onions are almost a foot tall already. The tomato plants and pepper plants are doing well. The green beans are popping up like crazy as well as the carrots and radishes. Ross made the cucumber hills week before last. I'll try and remember to take some more pictures this week. It's looking great with all the new growth coming up. Oh, and we have lettuce too.


Jennifer said...

Nice! Wish we had the room for a garden that big!

Shelley O said...

thats aweome! she looks adorable out there and even your soil looks good! lol :) cant wait to see summer photos of all your hard work and effort

Nel said...

We finally bought plants... now we need to plant them... we are so behind this year.
I am jealous :o)

This Daddy said...

Have I said I didnt like you and Ross anymore. I am so jealous of that huge garden space. Have I told you I didnt like you two anymore. The kids are still in good, but you and Ross. Aghh. I did a small tiny garden and I dont even know if the stuff will grow. I hope Albert blows his ACL and his MCL. Im just jealous and bitter