Monday, May 17, 2010

Hi There...'s me!

I've been a bad blogger lately, but I'm dusting off my old keyboard and I'm going to get back at it.

While I was neglecting my blog I've been busy just living life!

Alexis turned 3 and we had a big BBQ Birthday party here at our house on May 1st.

May 2nd, we celebrated Mother's Day with Ross' mom. I also got my new phone this day, so I'm not spending as much time on the computer because I now have Internet access on my phone and can access Facebook from it too! (I have a whole blog post coming soon about this phone and the story that is developing with it!)
On May 8th, I had a Pampered Chef party.

On May 9th, we went to St. Louis to celebrate Mother's Day with my Mom. Ross helped my Dad work on the deck. (They tore out their old concrete patio and are putting a deck in it's place.) We also went to see Iron Man 2.

On the 11th I was in Farmington and got to see several of my old friends from when I used to live over there.

On the 14th I took a little shopping trip to Rolla.

Overall I've just been busy with life and not making my computer time as high up on my priority list as I used to, and I think I like it that way!

Anyway, I've given multiple excuses for why I haven't been blogging and really the Number 1 and Number 2 reasons are right here:

Really the biggest reason is little Miss Isabel. She's now 8 months and there is pretty much nothing that she isn't trying to get into, I have to have an ever watchful eye on her to keep her out of trouble. It used to be no problem for her sit in the office floor while I typed away, but it's too small in here now and she gets into too many things she shouldn't.

She got her first tooth on May 6th and is working on getting more and she's super cranky, today especially. It's all I can do to get her to take a good nap, so when she does, I'm usually camped out on the couch taking a breather instead of catching up on blogging like I used to do during nap time.

I do have a few blogs topics floating around in my head and some normal everyday life stories to share too. I'm still open to suggestions for topics as well!

I've got to run for today, it sounds like Isabel is getting into something she shouldn't. I'm going to leave you with one last thought for today.

Yesterday we were at my parents and Alexis was doing what seems to be her favorite thing here lately, digging in her nose. My Dad asked her, "Are you digging for gold up there?" She said, "No......just boogers!"

My 300th post is coming soon, with a giveaway, stay tuned!!

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    DeanO said...

    Internet on the cell phone - nice. I asked my wife if I could have Internet service on my phone and she gave me the "mean" eyes. I'm glad you have those wonderful reasons for staying busy.