Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Post It Note - So Sorry


Susie B. Homemaker said...

I have an almost 8 mos. old who is always on the move now... they grow so fast! And my 2 yr. old has NO interest in the potty whatsoever! Happy PIN Tuesday! :)

Kisha said...

Taking blogging breaks is totally essential to one's sanity. That's the great thing about bloggy friends-they'll always be there when you get back!

Found you through PINT, glad I did!

Cleo said...

Just stoppin' in via "Post It Note Tuesday".
Am with you on the AMAZING things a new bra can do for the ole' boobies!
Had to buy a strapless one the other day for some of my new summer tops...got to say they looked mighty chipper in their new home! LMBO!
God bless!

This Daddy said...

Holy Albert Puljos can you have anymore post it notes. At least you got one in there for Ross