Thursday, July 23, 2009

8 Weeks and Counting

Only 8 weeks until that blessed day arrives! I'm hoping it's going to be more like 6 weeks, but if it's not, that is okay too. I want this baby to be born when it is ready, not to suit my schedule or fit into a "plan". I'm a firm believer in letting babies come when they are ready, not when I feel like I need to be induced because I don't want to be pregnant anymore, or because I would like for the baby to have a specific birthday. If you have a legitimate medical reason to be induced or schedule a C-section then by all means do that, but otherwise, let God decide when your baby is ready to be born. It's so much easier when we do things in His timeline and not ours.

I've started getting that nesting thing happening. I'm getting a little anxious about making sure everything is ready this time around. We won't have the house ready yet by the time the baby gets here, but I will have everything washed and ready and a place for the baby to sleep. For the first few months we are going to use a bassinet. I'm looking forward to having the baby close by me that first week or so for sure. I remember the first night Alexis was home from the hospital. Her room is right next to ours and we had a monitor on her. But being a new mommy was nerve wracking and I remember being completely exhausted but getting up every 5 minutes to make sure she was still breathing, I know, I was a bit paranoid! So, it will be nice to have the new baby within arms reach for a little while.

If I remember to I'll try and take some pictures as I'm setting up the new babies things and post them on here at some point.

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