Saturday, July 18, 2009

From the Past

Here is a creative writing project that I did when I was 15. Hope you enjoy it.

A Man

In a time when good and noble men are hard to find, one man stands out among the rest. He has an expressive face, full of deep character. His high forehead is sometimes etched with concern, but mostly it is smooth with a look of peace. His eyes are often filled with compassion and kindness, but when filled with command they demand obedience. He has a deep voice that is often filled with gentleness but when spoken with authority it is a voice that commands respect. There is an air about this man, full of confidence in his role in life, that comes only from a personal relationship with God.

This man has qualities that are second to none! A song is always in his heart and a cheerful tune is on his lips. He likes to make people laugh and he loves to tell stories to children. A cheerful word for someone discouraged, he is always willing to give. He is always concerned for the welfare of others.

Honest is a word to describe this man. He is fair to everyone and shows no partiality. He firmly believes in the saying that, “All things worth doing are worth doing well.” Never will you find a second rate job from this man, he always does a task to the best of his ability.

He truly is a man of great honor, integrity, and nobility. Everyone who knows him, respects him and takes pleasure in the fact that he calls them friends. When this man you meet, you know that you have met a man of God. No greater father could ever be found. I love you, Dad.



Father’s Day 1996

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