Sunday, July 19, 2009

Good Weekend

We had a very productive weekend. Dad came down on Friday and watched Alexis while Ross and I were at work. First thing Saturday morning Ross and Dad started working upstairs. Their main focus was moving some walls and building the closets. Ross' dad also was in and out helping over the weekend with some electrical work.

Alexis and I drove up to pick Mom up Saturday morning. She has a class that she teaches on Friday nights, so she couldn't come with Dad then. Before we came home we went over to Babies R Us and picked up a few things for the new baby. I don't need a lot for this baby since we already have the basics from Alexis. And I am very particular about gender specific clothing so I don't buy any of the neutral stuff beforehand. And as most of you know, we don't know the sex of the baby until the birth! So, I buy a few outfits that are either very pink, or very blue. Whichever sex it is, I will find someone to give the other outfits to. I also have some plain white onesies to take to the hospital, some very cute boy and girl sleepers too. I bought some boy and girl onesies on Saturday to have here at the house to wash as soon as we get home from the hospital and I'll return the other ones. I'm really trying to be prepared for this baby. Alexis came a little early and we were not ready. I was grateful for the help from family getting things together before we came home, but I was upset that I didn't get to do it myself. I am determined that will not happen this time.

I have already started my list of things to pack in the suitcase to take to the hospital. I worked this weekend on organizing some more things at the house to make room for our new family member. I had all my stuff from selling jewelry still and I went through it and pitched and stored stuff. I have an empty suitcase that I will have packed completely ready to go by August 1st. We had a bunch of extra totes in the living room from upstairs and they are all nicely tucked in a closet and organized. I still need to do the closet in my room, but it shouldn't be to bad.

After Ross and Dad finished working on Saturday we went down to the creek and had a fish fry with some of Ross' family. Jaimee and Hannah and Jackson came over and went with us to the fish fry as well. It was nice to see the kids. I get to see Jaimee when I go for a check up at the doctor, but I hadn't seen the kids in awhile. Jackson looked like he had grown inches! Speaking of seeing Jaimee, I'm a little sad because she is moving to a different office. She won't be in OB/Gyn anymore. She is moving over to the Pediatrics office at the end of the month. It is kind of cool though, because instead of working for my doctor, she will now be working for Alexis and the new babies pediatrician, Dr. Rao.

Ross and Dad ran up to Lowe's to pick up a few things after we got back from the creek. Jaimee and the kids stayed for awhile and the kids had a good time playing together. After Alexis was bathed and in bed the 4 of us played some Wii bowling. It was lots of fun! We finally called it a day at 11:30.

We were all up first thing this morning ready to work some more. Ross fixed us eggs and bacon for breakfast and it was great! Ross and Dad got back to work upstairs and Mom and I played with Alexis and I worked on some smaller projects around here. We had a light lunch and then I cooked supper and we ate around 4 and then Mom and Dad headed home. Ross took a much needed break and then went out to weed eat at Mill Springs. Alexis and I have just been hanging out since then. Ross just got back home and is getting ready to shower and we'll have some nice relaxing family time before the weekend ends. So, I'm not going to waste anymore time blabbing randomly about my weekend and I'm going to enjoy the last little bit of it.

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