Monday, November 9, 2009

The Beginning of What Might Be a Rough Week

Alexis has started biting holes in her pacifiers, and we've thrown them away when this has happened. At first it didn't bother her to suck on it after she had bit it, but we threw it away just so it wouldn't get all nasty inside. Well, one day last week she bit a hole in her orange one and then would bring it to me and say, "pink one better Mommy, don't like orange one." So, we were left with one good one and yesterday she bit a hole in it. All last night she complained about it saying she wanted, "different one." This morning she decided she was a big girl and threw it away all by herself with no prompting from Ross and I.

That was all well and good until nap 1:30 we started the process and I laid her down with her baby and kissed and hugged her and all the normal stuff we do and walked out of her room. She was just whining at first and then she started asking for her paci. This went on for a good 20 minutes. I would go in and try to calm her and so would Ross. We held her hand, rubbed her back, put lots of her stuffed animals in the crib with her. Anything to try and comfort her and get her through this. We had both left her room and hadn't been out but just a minute or two and she come sneaking out of her room. Yes, she climbed out of her crib......great. This has never been an issue because she always just lays down and goes to sleep. So, now we have to deal with giving up the paci and her climbing out of the crib.

After we had a good laugh about how innocent her little face was when she came walking out and the big smile on her face, we decided that one of was going to lay down with her in our bed for nap and help her get adjusted to no pacifier. Ross tried to because I needed to feed Isabel, but that wasn't working for Alexis. She wanted Mommy and made that rather clear. So, I laid down with her and finally got her to sleep around 2:30.

Now we have to figure out how we are going to deal with the crib climbing thing in combination with the pacifier. The upstairs isn't ready yet, but I guess we can convert the crib to a daybed and then back to a crib for Isabel when we get moved upstairs. I have a feeling I'm in for a long, rough week.

Please Lord, help me to have the patience and love to help Alexis through this time and give her the comfort she needs while she adjusts to life with no paci.


Nel said...

Oh man do I sympathize with you... Not so much with no paci and climbing out of the crib - but needing help with the transitions. Libby never would sleep in her toddler bed, she slept on the couch... then our bed when I started working full time and she still sleeps with us. We have been trying to get Libby to ONLY suck her thumb during rest time/nap time and bed time... which can be a chore and her thumb we can't take away!

Good luck! I hope this week goes smoothly for you.

brenaud said...

Oh, I can sympathize with the paci... we just told Keaton one day that he was a big boy and he didn't need his paci anymore. It helps that he wants to be big like Hayden. :) He really only asked for it for a day, but I must say bedtime is STILL a much longer ritual b/c he talks non-stop!!! We can't just put a "plug" in him anymore. :)