Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I Need Motivation

I am in need of some serious motivation. I've fallen into a slump and I can't seem to get out of it. My house is in desperate need of some deep cleaning, I only do the dishes when we've run out of either forks or spoons, I'm only doing enough laundry to get by. Couldn't tell you the last time I had all the laundry done. I manage to straighten up the house almost everyday, but by the time I do that, I don't feel like cleaning and then within minutes of Alexis being up, it's a disaster again.

I can't really use Isabel as an excuse anymore because she is sleeping really well at night. Most nights she'll go 5-6 hours and some nights 7-8, so I can't blame it on lack of sleep because I'm actually getting some. And Ross is kind enough to let me sleep in like I did today. I didn't roll out until 10. (I still get up to nurse Isabel, but he got up this morning with Alexis.)

I'm kind of depressed about my weight and body appearance right now and I know the only way to get it back is to work for it, but I can't even seem to get motivated to do that. I've walked on the treadmill a little bit. My biggest problem is that I'm having a love affair with food, I always have had one, and it's really hard to get away from it. I love food and I love to eat. And I know I'm allowed extra calories because I'm breastfeeding, but not as many as I've taken in. And how did I let myself become so lax about what I'm eating this time around? I've had way more junk food with Isabel than I would have ever considered having with Alexis.

Maybe it was all that rain and dreary days that got me down and now that the sun is shining again I'll be able to snap out of it. I sure hope so. It's even helped me feel better just to get my feeling out about it. So, I'm going to quit whining and start cleaning. Hopefully I can get most of it done today and then keep up with it a little better. I've got to start getting my rear in gear, I go back to work on Nov. 24th :(

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Nel said...

Hang in there... I have had several of those slumps. Hopefully the sunshine helps you!!

Just enjoy your girls before you have to go back to work ;)