Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mid Week Update

Good Afternoon! Just thought I'd let you all in on a few things that have been happening this week.

Alexis is doing really good without her pacifier....during the day at least. Night time is a whole different story. Bedtime is somewhat of a challenge. Some nights are great, some nights are torture for her and us. Her bedtime of 10 o'clock is completely thrown out the window. The other night it was 1am. Last night she was actually asleep in her bed before 11pm. She does not sleep well at all though, she's very restless, she cries out in her sleep, and most nights she ends up in our bed in the early morning hours.

Last night, Becky came over to stay with the girls for a few hours as sort of a trial run before I go back to work next week. Alexis just loves her! And Isabel is just fine too! Isabel took a bottle from her just fine and then latched right back onto me with no problem too. I needed to kill some time while Becky stayed with them, so I went over to Cuba since I didn't want to go all the way to Rolla again the same day. I went to Walmart and found quite a few Christmas gifts for the girls! Then I went over the Pizza Hut and picked up a pizza for me and Ross. If it hadn't have been Ross' 30 minute lunch break at work, we could have considered it a date! Anyway, I started reading "Twilight" yesterday, so I got a chance to get a few chapters in and then I headed home to my girls once again.

Going back to work is not going to be easy, but since I've already done it once, I know what to expect, so emotionally I'm a little more prepared and I'm not getting all depressed as the day gets closer to go back. Instead of being negative about it, I'm trying to stay positive and look for the best in the situation. We don't have the option at this point for me to stay at home so that's one thing I can't change. Going back to work will probably really help me to take off some serious pounds. I'll barely have time to eat since my break times will be all about pumping for my precious little Isabel. And here at home I'm free to graze food all day long, big problem for me because I really like to eat. Plus, I'm really thankful that we've found people to stay here at our home with the girls. That lifted a huge weight off my shoulders when we got that settled. I was really worried about the possibility of having to take them somewhere and then disturbing their sleep when Ross picked them up, and it just wasn't an option for them to spend the night somewhere either. There is also the fact that I will be contributing financially to the household again and hopefully someday when we get our debts paid, I'll have the option to stay at home!

We have a situation in my family that is causing some heartache, I'm not going into detail, but please pray for us that we can resolve the situation and once again be that big happy family we usually are.

PS. I decided to go link happy with this post, if you can't tell! :)

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