Thursday, November 12, 2009

Remodel Update

Our remodel of the upstairs is finally getting closer...we see a light at the end of the tunnel. Ross has been working very hard this last week on getting all the little things finished up. He ripped out the old steps and put all new in. He got the half wall built along the staircase in the girls room. We just need to get a post to put at the end of it to stabilize it.

Our next step is waiting for the drywaller's to come and then the mud and tape and then we'll be able to paint, carpet and move up there!! It won't come a day too soon, because we're starting to feel super cramped downstairs. Alexis is getting so much better about playing by herself and I'm amazed when I watch the things she does and how she uses her imagination, but she also makes a huge disaster of the living room too. And the slightest thing out of place makes the whole room look trashed since it's already small and crammed full of stuff too. Looking forward to having a play room for her that's not the living room! And I'll actually have an office which will be nice too. I'll be able to get a little bit more organized.

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