Wednesday, February 10, 2010

5 Months

My Isabel is 5 months old today!

She is growing so fast, I can't hardly believe it's been 5 months already. It goes by too quickly if you ask me. I love each and every one of their stages, but I'm already missing my little baby.

She is getting really good at gripping and holding toys in her hands. And of course everything goes to her mouth. =)

She loves playing in her Exer Saucer. She's getting quite bouncy in it these days. We use the bottom of it the throw her toys in, so she has a heck of a time kicking at them while she's in there!
And she is rolling over from her belly to her back a lot. She hasn't quite mastered the back to belly flip yet. But, she'll get all the way up on her side from her back, so she's close.

She jibber jabber's a lot and likes to make herself heard to the world. It seems like when Alexis is being loud and rambunctious is when Isabel likes get loud. Almost like she wants us all to know she's here too!

Alexis dotes on her so much. She loves to sit on the floor and pull Isabel up onto her lap. Isabel just sits there while Alexis wraps her little arms around her and rocks her. Alexis is also really good at making her giggle!

We completely love and adore her. I wake up every morning looking forward to her first shy smile of the day. It is so cute! She'll be looking at you and when you start talking to her, she ducks her head like she's bashful and gives the cutest smiles ever!

I have gotten a little lax lately about our schedule. It's easy to do since I'm home all day, every day right now. I haven't really made her stay on schedule during the day, so now she's back to eating in the middle of the night again. She just gets so distracted during the day, she doesn't eat well. Then she chows down at night when it's just me and her in the dark. Oh well, I'll get her back on track here soon!


Shelley said...

that is so sweet :)
Wesley is sitting on my lap and through his own paci is talking about your baby and telling me to be quiet cos she is trying to sleep.. we do love us some babies! ;)

Nel Lenae said...

Abby was very distracted at this age too! Big sisters are way more fun than eating ;)

Mama (Heidi) said...

Oh my sweet chubbiness, she is soo adorable. Love those cheeks. It makes me miss having a baby..