Monday, February 22, 2010

Sausage Gravy & Biscuits

Happy Monday to you! I'm joining MckMama in her blog carnival of Not Me! Monday. Check out her blog to see all the Not Me! stories.

It's been a crazy busy weekend here in my neck of the woods. Saturday morning we were up bright and early headed to St. Louis. My nephew was celebrating his 7th birthday and the party was at "Pump It Up". It's a place full of those huge blow up bounce houses, slides and obstacle courses. The kids had so much fun!! And it was Not Me! who had just as much fun playing as the little ones did! ;)

We had some shopping to do in the afternoon and then over to my brother and sister-in-laws house to finish the birthday celebrations. We had a nice time seeing family. It had been since Christmas that Ross had seen any of my family and it had been a while since I've seen some of my siblings too. And it was Not Me! who ate way too much of the yummy food and ice cream cake!

Saturday evening Ross and I attempted to have a date night. We didn't get away from my Mom and Dad's house until 8:30 because we couldn't agree on a movie to go see. It was Not Me! who thought we should see the romantic comedy Valentine's Day since it was supposed to be our Valentine's date. My husband wanted to see Avatar. We didn't see either one. We ended up at Red Lobster, my favorite, and enjoyed a late dinner. We were almost finished and were going to figure out what else we wanted to do when we got the call to come back. Isabel wasn't taking a bottle and she wasn't happy at all. By the time we got there she had cried herself to sleep, so after a little snooze I got her up and fed her and she was as happy as a lark again. It all worked out just fine because we were pretty tired anyway.

Sunday morning comes and it's time for breakfast.....

It was Not Me! who was making biscuits and gravy. It was Not Me! who was cooking in a kitchen they were unfamiliar with, so it was Not Me! who used powdered sugar instead of flour to make the sausage gravy!

It really was Not Me! it was my sweet husband, the breakfast chef in our home! He really is an awesome breakfast maker so I should clarify here that he was in my Mom's kitchen and none of her canisters were labeled, so it was an honest mistake. He couldn't figure out why the gravy wasn't thickening up, and then my Mom saw the empty canister in the sink and asked if that is what he used. He said,"Yeah, I thought it was the flour." Well, it wasn't even close to flour!

We enjoyed some very sweet gravy with a few clumps of flour that were added to try and thicken it a bit. It was edible, but needless to say, not a mistake we'll do on purpose! We all enjoyed a good laugh about it and it really wasn't the most horrible thing I've ever eaten!

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Faithful Mali said...

It sounds like you had a great weekend- sweet gravy and all.