Sunday, February 7, 2010

Valentine's Day Extravaganza - How I Met My Love

I've decided to follow along with Mama M. at My Little Life this week with her Valentine's Day Extravaganza. I'm not usually that big into Valentine's Day. (I used to be when Ross and I first started dating.) But, I thought this would be a fun thing to do this week and would make for some good stories. I've been feeling a little blank in the brain for blog posts anyway!

Today's theme is: The story of how you met the love of your life.

Well, hop aboard my time machine (well, we probably don't need a time machine) and travel back with me to November 2000. I was 19.

I had gone out on a date with one of my customers (Donnie) from the bank. (I was a teller at New Era Bank in Farmington.) We had absolutely no chemistry whatsoever. I was kind of disappointed too because he was cute and seemed really nice. I found out a few years later that when he called and asked for Jessica, they just assumed he meant me, because I was the outgoing one. But he was really wanting to go on a date with the other Jessica. Whoops! The other Jessica and I both worked the drive-thru windows. But I was the one that was always joking with and talking to my customers. The other Jessica was a lot more quiet and shy. 

Anyway, back to the real story. It was fate that the mistake had been made. While Donnie and I had no romantic chemistry, we did become good friends. A few weeks after our date, he invited me to a small party at his house. And who did I meet? The man of my dreams!

Ross and Donnie were best friends. I was instantly drawn to Ross. Donnie and I were kind of still dating I suppose, but not anything serious. So, I spent a lot of time talking to Ross that night. I remember one of the things that stood out the most on that first night, was the sound of his voice. I could have listened to him talk for hours. He just had one of those smooth, deep voices that is pleasant to listen to. I also fell in love with his smile. And he's tall! (6'4" then, now he's grown another inch and is 6'5") That was always one of the things that I thought would be a requirement. Or at least I would really like it if my guy was tall.

The night went on and Ross and I played pool together and got to know each other some more. Ross' college roommate (Matt) was there and he got a little drunk. They had some Bob-A-Rino's pizza that night and it's New York Style as far as size goes. It was a supreme pizza and had all kinds of onions, peppers and all that nasty junk on it. I remember Matt pouring Vodka all over a slice of it and then eating it. *Gag* Ross being the good guy that he is, drove his roommate home and deposited him in the bathtub for the rest of the night.

For some reason I had insisted that Ross call Donnie's when he got back to his dorm room. It was only a 10 minute drive, but I've always been a mother hen. So, he called and we talked on the phone for a long time and then he decided to come back to the party. We had a great night getting to know each other.

That next week or so, I got a strange phone call from Donnie saying that he was leaving town for awhile and not to try and contact him. "Okay, that's super weird." Me being the super nosy person that I am, wasn't just going to let it go, because we were technically still dating and I wanted to know if it was okay to move on to Ross. So, I decided I was going to track Ross down. I knew he lived in the dorms at MAC (Mineral Area College) so I headed over there to see if I could find his car and I was either going to start knocking on doors 'til I found him or leave a note on his car. He happened to be pulling out as I was pulling in and I managed to flag him down.

I thought since he was Donnie's best friend he would know what was going on with Donnie. He didn't really know what was going on either, or at least he didn't share it with me at the time. Anyway, I was putting a bug in Ross' ear to get him to have Donnie call me. Ross was headed out when I had flagged him down, but he promised to call me later and let me know if he'd heard anything.

So began the week we spent numerous hours getting to know each other better. I worked evenings at a beauty salon that was just minutes from Ross' dorm, so he would come visit me at work and then I would go hang out with him when I got off work. I realized pretty quick that he was the guy for me. We had to get a hold of Donnie, just out of courtesy to let him know we wanted to start dating. Finally after a week, Ross finally talked to Donnie and got the green light to go ahead and started dating me. Donnie was happy for us so nothing was weird between the two of them at all. 

On Saturday December 2nd, 2000 we had our first "official" date. It was my work Christmas party that night and he met me after wards and we went to the Elks with some of my co-workers. That is the day that we consider to be our anniversary.

 That is the story of how I met Ross and how we started dating. 

More lovey dovey stuff to come this week! 


Melissa said...

I love to read about other's meetings. Fate will bring two people together.

Mama M. said...

I love reading stories like this!! My BIL took home a girl to meet one of his bros, and ended up deciding he liked her himself!

Crazy, isn't it, how life works?!

So glad to have you join in!! Looking forward to reading more!

Karen said...

This reminds me of my favorite movie, "while your were sleeping."
how cute.

Kaleena said...

That is a neat story thanks for sharing with all of us ^^

Chrissy said...

Well, you saw it before I left a comment, but I gave you a blog award today! :o) Thanks for your honest posts!

Queen Bug said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwww, that is so sweet!! So, I guess I'm nosey too. Why did Donnie leave town? lol

Queen Bug said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwww, that is so sweet!! So, I guess I'm nosey too. Why did Donnie leave town? lol

Jessica said...

Oh, it was some family drama thing, he was back the next week!

Kim said...

I love reading all these stories. It sounds like fate that brought you two together! Great story, thanks for sharing!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

great how things all worked out :o0 And like Queen Bug...I was curious too why Donnie had to leave...sounded mysterious. Good to see that nothing too strange happened and that he was back and you all stayed friends ;o)

Blessings & Aloha!