Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Alexis Update Too

I can't not have a post about Alexis after having one for Isabel, just doesn't seem fair. Do for one what you do for the other or something like that. I guess I'm just trying not to show favoritism or anything like that. I love both my girls equally, so here's the latest scoop about Alexis!

She is very quickly approaching her 3rd birthday later this month. If you ask her how old she is, this is what she'll say, "I'm 2 years old, but I'm about to be 3 and my birthday is April 28th!" Yes, she's mine and she's adorable!

She finally figured out how to pedal herself on the tricycle, just short of a year after getting it mind you!
We still haven't made any head way on the potty training issue. Here a while back, we attempted to force her into it by putting her in panties and going for a solid week with no diapers except at night. She peed and pooped in her underwear for the first few days and then started bringing me diapers to put on her so she could go. I couldn't get her to pee on the potty even one time. So, we went back to the diapers and decided we wouldn't push her if she wasn't ready.

We are still asking her all the time to go on the potty and encouraging her, but no luck yet. I got her some different training pants thinking it might help. When I put them on her yesterday, she took them off a few minutes later and brought me a diaper and said she'd rather pee in it. I let myself get really worked up about it when we were trying it before. Now, I've decided that I know she won't want to pee and poo in diapers forever, so I'm going to stop pushing it so hard and hope that it starts clicking for her soon.

She is so smart with some of the things she knows and says. It amazes me how much she can absorb at this age. It really reminds me to watch what I say and how I say it because I'll hear her saying something I don't like and it will be something I've said or the attitude I've used to say it.

We are still having some of the same issues with her defiance and disobedience, but some days she seems better than others. I've got about 10 different parenting books to read and I've had a hard time getting into any of them. Mom just gave me a new one and told me I had to read it or it wouldn't do me any good, so I've started it and I like it. It's called, "Have a New Kid by Friday" by Dr. Kevin Leman. I'm just getting into it, so hopefully by this time next week I'll have it read and be applying the principles in it. I'll let you know how it goes!

She really is such a mini-me! I get more and more comments all the time about how much she looks just like me. When we were at my Step Grandma's visitation we saw a lot of people that knew me when I was a girl and they all said the same thing, "She looks just like you did!"

Her hair is already starting to blond back up from getting darker over the winter. It's amazing what a little sun will do for you. Her cheeks are all nice and rosie and she has the cutest smile!

She has a thing for high heels right now. You can see the white shoes she's wearing in this picture. They were her Easter and wedding shoes and now that those events are over, she can wear them everyday if she wants to and most days she does. She had a pair of plastic, dress up heels that she loved, but they broke. She nagged at us for about 2 weeks before we could get to Walmart and find her some more. We finally did and what we found was a box that had 4 pairs of Disney princess high heels in it and she loves them!

She is really enjoying the nicer weather and getting to spend more time outside, I like it too! Every time I look at her lately it's almost like I can see her getting taller and older by the minute. She isn't my baby anymore...

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This Daddy said...

Just stick with the potty issue. She will get it. Man when C3 got it she doesn't even want me in the bathroom anymore. Girls?????

You and your Cards better watch out for my Braves!!