Thursday, April 1, 2010

At Last...

...the promised pictures from our remodel. But, only some of them. The girls room is complete, our room still needs to be decorated. The bathroom isn't complete yet either. Sink and toilet are working, but we have some tile work to do in the shower still and all the fixtures need to be hung.

We'll start with some before and after pictures and then a whole bunch of the stuff in the room itself. My husband worked so hard, and did such a wonderful job. I smile every time I look around and see how nice everything is!

The steps before
 and after
 Before shot of window/door. I didn't get a picture before they cut out and put the door in, but you can see from the plywood where the windows were and now there will be a door instead.
Another before shot of the girls room, you can see where the closet used to be to the right of the door area.
After shot, the closet was taken out and the room was made bigger on that side.
 Before view of the room looking towards the door.
 After view. This is where the closet is now.
 And now here are some more pictures of the room. This one is looking into the room from the doorway.
 The closet. We still have to get closet doors, but that wasn't necessary to move in.
 Alexis' chest of drawers that matches her bed. Her bed is actually part of a bunk bed set. We just don't have the ceiling height needed to bunk them.
 Isabel's chest. This is the one we bought for Alexis when she was born.
Alexis' quilt from my Grandma Redburn and her letters from Aunt Jaimee!
Isabel's quilt and Aunt Jaimee is working on her letters while she's on spring break!
 Alexis' rocking chair from Grandma Carol and Papa Bill for Christmas in '09.
 Alexis' age progression frames. Carol gave me one for both girls when they were born. I have Alexis' filled, but obviously Isabel's isn't yet. I have them hanging on either side of the closet.
 This cute frame was hand made by Aunt Sera Kate!
Alexis' bed.
Isabel's crib.
  And one last parting shot of my beautiful Alexis!


Shelley O said...

wow awesome! thanks for posting. looks so fresh and fun and fab!

Nel Lenae said...

Love, love, love, love, love it!!!!!!

Becky said...

Absolutely love it! Congratulations, Dear!

Jaimee M said...

Beautiful, just beautiful. I am so proud of my brother in law!

Kelley said...

That's got to me one of the cutest girls' rooms I've ever seen! I love the details! My oldest has the same Noah's Ark baby quilt! :-)

Jenna said...

WoW! what an awesome transformation!!! It looks Great!

valerie said...

Wow it looks great! Looks like you do a great job of making use of space, too. Come teach me some lessons? :P