Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Isabel Is 7 Months!

I can't hardly believe it, but Isabel is 7 months old now! The time is going so quickly and she is growing so rapidly. I don't remember it going this fast with Alexis. I am so grateful that I've been able to stay at home with her for this long. I almost feel like I'm living in a fantasy world. When reality comes crashing back in, I'm not sure how I'm going to handle it.

Isabel started sitting up really well by herself around 6 months, but she would eventually fall over and we'd have to sit her back up again. On April 1st/2nd she started getting herself into a sitting position and just a few days later we officially called her a crawler! She isn't very fast yet, but she gets where she wants to go.

On Saturday the 10th, the day she turned 7 months, I walked into the living room and found her standing up in front of the chair. Yesterday the coffee table got moved away from the couch and over by the wall so it's not as hazardous if she falls backwards while she's doing all this exploring.

Last night when I was trying to get her down for the night she was being a little fussy. I usually let her fuss for a few minutes after I put her down as long as it's not out and out whaling and crying going on in there. Most nights, she quiets down and goes to sleep, some nights I have to get her and hold/rock her a little more before she's ready to lay down. Anyway, back to last night, she started the whaling cry, so I went to get her and she was standing up holding onto the side of the crib. So, Ross is going to have to lower the mattress now. Alexis was almost a year old before we had to lower the mattress for her. I just can't believe how fast Isabel is doing all this stuff compared to her. I'm not ready for this, I want my little baby back...

She is also at the stage that everything that comes into contact with her hands goes immediately to the mouth. She really likes her pacifier and if she doesn't have it or a toy in her mouth, she is sucking on her thumb.

She's very much a Mommy's girl at this time. She gets upset if I walk by and don't pick her up. Makes it a challenge some days to get anything done without her fussing and hollering at me. Alexis does a great job of trying to distract her for me.

I'm a little worried about what it's going to be like when I go back to work. As of right now, I'm supposed to go back the first week of May. I may be able to extend it another month if it is still slow at work. Isabel doesn't want to take a bottle and she doesn't do very well when I'm gone from her for very long. The first time I left her for more than just a little bit, she cried almost the whole time I was gone and refused a bottle. The second time I had to leave her for a long period was this past week for my friend's wedding. She did much better this time. She did take about 2 ounces out of a bottle and didn't start crying for me until later in the evening.

We really tried to not make Isabel a Mommy's girl like Alexis was, but I'm afraid she's worse since I've stayed home with her longer. There is no way I'd change for a minute the last 7 months, but it is going to be harder on all of us when I do go back to work. I think it's going to be hard for Alexis too. For some reason this whole week she's been crying for Ross and telling him she wants him to stay home with us. She's never done that with him before, so I'm not looking forward to what she'll do when I'm leaving for work. Maybe she won't be upset at all, that's what I'm going to hope for at least.

Here's one more picture for you. I just love it when her smile and giggle goes all the way to her eyes!

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Joyce Kay said...

Love this picture of Isabel. The big laugh going on. Too cute!