Monday, April 12, 2010

My Movie Monday & Not Me! Monday

My Movie Monday @ Traveling Light


It's Monday once again and I'm hoping that this week is boring and normal, unlike last week which was crazy and long. I'll be joining 2 blog carnivals this morning, Chrissy @ Traveling Light for My Movie Monday and MckMama for Not Me! Monday. Hop on over to their places and see more movies and Not Me! stories. Happy Monday to you!
It was Not My Child! who was the cutest flower girl ever on Friday, but was also seen with her finger up her nose, digging for that elusive boogie that was tickling her nasal passages! When I asked her why she was picking her nose, she said, "I wasn't picking my nose Mommy, I just had an itch in my nose." And really, who can blame a girl for wanting to scratch an itch?

(This is a bad picture, but it's the only one I have for now. I have some good ones of Alexis and me on my camera, but not sure when I'll be at the store to put them on a disk. I'm the bridesmaid in watermelon that Alexis is looking at.)
It was Not Me! who spent all of Saturday and Sunday doing next to nothing because I was still trying to recover from the week with a funeral and a wedding.
It's Not Me! who still hasn't even unpacked all the bags from arriving home Friday night. I think they are making great decorations for my living room. So it's also Not Me! who has neglected the laundry all weekend and am sitting here bra-less because I don't have a clean one.
And finally it's Not Me! who thinks her child will most certainly be the next American Idol! The sound quality is bad, but you can tell she's singing because she's quite expressive! Enjoy! 



Murdock's mama said...

I didn't do nearly as much around the house as I should have either! :(


Mrs F said...

Love the post!!!! I love the colors of the wedding!!!
Alexis is too cute :o) I think Libby and Alexis could totally sing a duet ;o)

Kate said...! Your daughters are BEAUTIFUL!!

Love that she was scratching her itch... too cute :-)