Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Guest Post - Body After Baby

Today's guest blogger is my cousin-in-law Ashley over at The Redburn Journal. Her blog is a wonderful read! I know you'll enjoy it. Make sure you go visit her and leave us a comment if you like it!

Lots of moms talk about how they wish they could have their pre-baby body back.  I can't say I would agree.  My pre-baby body wasn't all it was cracked up to be!  Now...I might want my high school body back, but let's get real right?!  I listen to moms all around me who complain about their stretch marks.  Talk about how they tried their entire pregnancy to avoid them, and are just devastated when they appear.

I wouldn't want to change my post-baby body.  The stretch marks on my belly, breasts, hips, thighs, and calves are permanent reminders of carrying my babies, the most important thing I've ever done.  

Why are women ashamed to have visible proof of their motherhood?  Isn't that part of what God created us to do?  Become mothers (whether through pregnancy or adoption)?  Why would we be embarrassed of that?  Now, while you won't find me running around town flashing my stretch mark tattooed stomach, I am proud of it.  

I know that my body did an awesome thing...I don't ever want to change that.


Chrissy said...

Good perspective, Ashley. I'd like to lose some weight, but the stretch marks on my tummy aren't a pressing issue to me (in comparison to the weight). I guess it's because my mom is thin, but I have seen her tummy, and it's very similar to mine. I never heard her say anything negative about it. Maybe that's the best gift I could give to my be happy with my mommy body.

Great post! :o)

Nel said...

Love the post! And I am very proud of my 'tattoos' on my butt ;o)

Joyce Kay said...

Loved your post!