Sunday, June 6, 2010

Guest Post - The Dance

My guest blogger today is Jenna from Jenna's Jargon. She always has great things to write about and has a great blog. Make sure you check her out and leave us both some comment love!

When Jessica asked me to do a guest post I felt honored that someone actually wanted me to guest post!  I wanted to write something exciting that made you guys think I was a literary genus but that would take too much brain thought and to be honest…My brain is pretty fried from the long rodeocation I took this week.  I thought I might write about Sean’s obsession with rodeo, or maybe about my Chocolate Children and my chickens but I thought “nah… I’ll just write about a story that happened to me four years ago this week……”
Four years ago this week I was sitting at work when my older co-worker’s son, who I attended college with, walked into the office to talk to his mom.  He came into my office before he left and invited me to go with him and some friends to attend a Randy Rogers concert at a bar in downtown LittleRock on the RiverMarket.  I immediately jumped at the chance for a free ride and I’d also been 21 for three months and had yet to visit a real bar.  I had just broken up with my long term boyfriend a few months earlier and really wanted to get out and meet some people other than the same old boys I saw at school every day.
Later that night I jumped into an SUV with five other friends and took off on an hour drive to Little Rock.  Another boy in the car with me was a really great friend of mine.  He waited on me to get my ID and money out of my purse and into my pockets when we got to the bar and we walked to the door together trailing all of our other friends.  I was really nervous about going to a bar so he was nice enough to buy my ticket and make sure I made it inside with no problems.  I walked into the bar area… the stage to my left, the restaurant to my right.  I scanned the room to look for any familiar faces since we were supposed to meet my roommates that had left earlier in the day for some shopping before the concert. 
It was a small bar in a old building and was colorfully named Sticky Fingerz.  About 300 people could comfortably fit in this restaurant/bar so it was rather small for a big concert.  Its d├ęcor was very vibrant and the walls were littered with bright colored paintings, which contrasted to the low, dark lighting.  An upside down Christmas tree hung from the ceiling decorated with ornaments that had nothing to do with Christmas.  There were window panes that hung from random places on the ceiling, all painted a different loud color.  The stage was lit up, occupied only by band equipment.  The air was smoky and smelled faintly of pot.  Loud Country Rock music was blaring from speakers above the stage and a few people were already dancing.
While scanning the room I recognized a few familiar faces and then started to turn toward the restaurant when I caught the hottest guy I’d seen in a long time staring at me… It made my heart beat really fast to realize I’d caught the eye of someone that good looking.  He was wearing a red t-shirt and jeans and his hair was messily fixed and was a shiny black that complemented his chiseled face and light eyes.  He was thin, but not skinny and buff but not fat.  I could tell he worked out by the way his shirt hung on his shoulders. My heart fluttered in my chest… Man he was sexy. 
Normally when I’m caught staring at someone I quickly look away but something told me to keep staring at this one.  We kept our gaze locked for what felt like hours but was really only a few seconds.  My friend walked up behind me.  He was finished getting his change from the bouncer and asked me if I wanted to get a drink, which made me unlock eyes with the dark haired hotty. 
I quickly wanted to get away from that area, slightly embarrassed and afraid I was starting to blush.  I turned and walked into the restaurant, the opposite way from the hotty and made a b-line for the ladies room to make sure I still looked good.  After Confirming I still looked as good as I thought I did when I left the house, I confidently left the bathroom and joined my friend at the bar to order my first drink.  Hotty McHotterson was no longer standing near the bar…. Thank goodness, because I wasn’t ready to be embarrassed and for my heart to flutter and my blood pressure to rise again. 
After buying the first drink I’d ever bought at a bar I spotted my roommates sitting near the front of the stage at a table with about five of our other friends.  I started to walk their way through the dense crowd that had tripled in size since I’d walked in.  While pushing though the crowd brushing past shoulders and zigzagging around feet, someone from behind me grabbed the orange designer top I was wearing, which I had borrowed from my roommate.  I was pissed that her expensive top was being grabbed and I turned to start yelling at the grabber and realized that it was the Hot guy from earlier.  I couldn’t make words with my mouth because I was so stunned…  His shirt read “free kissing lessons” and I cracked a smile at how silly that was.  He smiled back with his beautiful lips and teeth and laughed.  His eyes laughed too through thick, long black lashes and I melted into a puddle of awe. ..  “When are you going to dance with me” he said…..

…..Two years to the day later I stood at the front of my childhood church before all my friends and family members in a big white dress and stared into those same laughing eyes and beautiful smile, and was really glad I decided to take him up on his offer to dance. We’ve now been married for two years and my heart still flutters when I catch him staring at me from across the room.  I’m glad things haven’t changed.    


Anonymous said...

Great guest post! It brought tears to my eyes! That is such a "true love" story!

Jessica said...

Jenna, I just love this story! I think I've read through it at least 3 times now! Great job!