Saturday, June 5, 2010

Guest Post - Life As A Nanny

My first guest poster is Abby from Murdock's Mama & Nanny2Four. Please make her feel welcome and I hope you enjoy her post, I know I did!

I was so honored to be requested as one of this weeks 'guest bloggers''s my first time so be easy on me!  For those of you who don't know me I'm Abby from Murdocks Mama & Nanny2Four I blog over at  

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So..I'm sure at this point you're all wondering what the heck I'm actually going to write about..

The Life Of A Nanny

People seem to have lots of questions about nannies so I'm going to format this Q&A style in case you're just looking for a specific topic.  I'll talk about the most commonly asked questions but feel free to ask any that I miss.

How Many Children Do You Nanny?
Girl 8 [M]
Boy 5 [C]
Girl 3 [M] & Girl 3 [B] TWINS! :)

How Did You Get Started Nannying?
My mom has had an in-home daycare for 25 years & I have TONS of experience but in the end I always find my jobs by word-of-mouth.  For those of you interested there are several websites you can list profiles with & I believe families call & set up interviews with you.

What Is The Best Part Of Your Job?
Raising little ones!  Seeing children grow up & mature is the best miracle in life!

What Is The Most Challenging Part Of Your Job?
I would have to say discipline.  When it comes down to it these children aren't your own so sometimes you have to handle certain situations differently than you want to/would do for your own children.

What Are Your Normal Nanny Duties?
These vary depending on your contract.  Right now I cook [breakfast & lunch], clean, & do laundry & dishes daily.  I also do things like change bedding each week & give the kids their baths.

Do You Travel With The Children?
Yes!  I would go crazy if I couldn't!  We go to several Parks & Pools, the Zoo, the Museum, the Botanical Center, the Science Center, Garage Sales, Jumpin' Jacks, Pump It Up!, Chuck-e-Cheese, Ice Creams Shops, the Library, Farmer's Markets, Living History Farms, Incredible Pizza, Malls, Garage Sales, Wee Read/Story Times & walk/bike rides!  We LOVE to be busy!
Oh..We also go to dentist & doctor's appointments!

What Is A Normal Day Like For A Nanny?
Ha!  Well any 'parent' knows that there is no normal day!  Here is a general schedule we run by but no day is the same!  With 4 kids you HAVE to be flexible!!
7:45 - arrive
7:45 - 8:15 - Breakfast, dressing, brushing teeth etc.
8:20 - Mack gets on bus
8:30-10:00 - Kids play - I clean up house & start laundry - We read a lots in the mornings too
10:00 - Morning snack [always fruit or yogurt with water]
10:15 - 12:00 - Park or Library time
Noon - 1:00 - Lunch [flip laundry]
1:00 - 1:30 - Bath time & Brush Teeth
1:30 - 3:30 - Girls take a nap - Carter & I play.  I also finish laundry & clean in the afternoons.
3:30 - Girls get up & start to play [lately outside]
4:00 - Mack gets home
4:15 - 4:30 - Snack time 
4:30-5:30 - More play time [outside!]
5:30 - I go home

Do You Live With Your Family?
I do not.  For the most part one parent or the other is home each evening with the children.

Do You Do Anything Differently Than The Parents?
I do not allow the TV to be turned on.  I know it sounds harsh but we have plenty of toys to play with & creative children's imaginations.  
*My only exception to that is if we all sit down to watch a movie together in the afternoon for a 'special treat' [like a storm outside].

How Much Money Do Nannies Make?
This varies heavily depending the the city you live in, number of
children, if they provide housing/car, & the hours per week. I live
in Iowa, nanny 4 children, have my own home & car, & work an average
of 50 hours a week & make more than $30k a year plus benefits, pto, & expense reimbursements.

Well..That's a wrap.  Thanks for reading my fist guest post & please check out my blog if you have any questions!


Nel said...

Loved this post!!! Will be checking out your page too :o)

Helga said...

I love reading Abby´s blog and it was great getting to know more about her Nannying :o)

Have fun at the beach (wish I was there)!!!

Kendra said...

I love Abby's blog so I had to come read this. I have been wanting to Nanny for the longest time. I feel this was really informative. Thanks Abby.

Murdock's mama said...

Thanks for your comments girls! I'm glad yall liked it!