Friday, March 19, 2010

Five Question Friday 3/19/10

My Little Life 

1. Have you ever had a celeb sighting?
No, can't say that I have. Don't think I'm missing much though...

2. What temperature do you keep your house?
Well, right now it's 80° in here and I'm about to burn up!!
Normally in the winter time, with the wood furnace going it's a toasty 74-76°. If no wood fire and we're using the gas furnace I usually keep it set somewhere between 67-70°. 

In the summer, I'm content with 73­°, unless I'm doing some mad cleaning and then I like it a bit cooler. Ross thinks he would like to try setting it at 75° this summer......I think he's off his rocker....we'll see who wins that battle. He tried that with me last summer and I took one look at him and told him I didn't care how high the electric bill got, we weren't setting it at 75° because I was pregnant and I worked in a big, metal, heat attracting, non-air conditioned warehouse. Besides our electric bill is not high in the summer time. I think our highest one was $120.00. I won last summer, but I think I'm going to lose this year. He has me talked into keeping it set at 74° this I said, we'll see....

3. Do you notice dust at other peoples homes?
I guess if it's really obvious, but I would never say anything unless it was my Mom's house and then I'd probably just dust for her.

4. What's the worst job you ever had?
You know, I never disliked any of my jobs. The one I have right now isn't my favorite, but that's only because I'm not the forklift driving type. I went from working in customer service for 9 years, to driving a forklift around a warehouse moving pallets.

I really liked all my customer service jobs and not to toot my own horn or anything, I think I was pretty good at it. I'm a people person, so I like to work with people. My pallets don't really talk to me like I think they should! I try talking to them, but it's usually a pretty one sided conversation!

5. What is your most sentimental possession?
That's kind of toughy....It's a toss up between my wedding pictures and the girls baby books and pictures. If there was a fire, I'd be trying to get both things out of the house after we were all safe.

There you have it, that's 5QF for this week! Hope you enjoyed, look forward to seeing your answers. And make sure you link back to Mama M. over at My Little Life, love her stuff!

Have a wonderful weekend!

I'm having a Pampered Chef party tomorrow and then it's New Moon watching time Saturday night! I'm making Ross go to our little Walmart in the next town over to get it for me when they open at 7am. And then we're sending the girls too Ross' parents and my sister-in-law is coming over to watch with us Saturday night!
*Pampered Chef party was canceled.* Please keep Ashley and her family in your prayers.

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