Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Girls

Isabel is now 6 months old! She is growing so incredibly fast. In the last month she has made huge leaps developmentally.

On February 14th, she rolled from back to belly for the first time and hasn't stopped since. She rolled from belly to back awhile back, but didn't really seemed all that interested in moving much. Not the case now! She's goes everywhere she can roll, scoot, or drag herself.

She is trying so hard to crawl. She gets herself up on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth, she just can't figure out how to put it all together and get moving.

She can now sit unsupported for quite a few minutes before she tumbles over. And she's really trying to get herself into a sitting position as well.

She thinks Alexis is hysterical. Check out this video I posted on Facebook.

She has started to do the fake cough thing, so cute!

We have started some solid foods. I tried rice cereal a few times, last night I put a little applesauce with it and she did better that time. This afternoon, I mushed up a few banana slices and she went crazy for those! I put some of those pictures on Facebook too.

She is nursing well still, as long as her gums aren't sore. She's quite social while she nurses too. She like to stop and smile at me, or make little gurgling and razzing noises at me and then she chomps right back on! This really is such a fun age for so many reasons. I really like it when they start to interact more when they are nursing. Sometimes she holds tight to one of my fingers, or she pats my breast, or scratches my side (ouchie when her nails need trimmed). She likes to touch my nose and I usually have a piece of hair that won't stay tucked behind my ear and she like to play with it too.

For a few weeks she wasn't sleeping through the night anymore, but now she's has the past three nights in a row, so I think it was a rough patch of teething and growing. No teeth yet, but some days she acts like they really bother her a lot.

Alexis just adores Isabel and it warms my heart every morning when Alexis comes rolling out of bed all sleepy eyed and the first thing she does is say, "Well, good morning Isabel!" And she hugs and kisses on her. Isabel seems to return the affection just as much.

We still haven't made any progress with potty training, I've stopped trying to make her, because she obviously isn't ready yet. I'm going to watch and wait for some signs when she will be ready. I was really tired of cleaning up pee all the time.

Some days, Alexis is our polite, sweet obedient daughter. Other days, she is our rude, unruly and disobedient daughter.

Being polite seems to be a real struggle for her sometimes. One day it's please and thank you all day long and the next day she'd rather go without than say please.

Sometimes I think that I expect too much. I have to remind myself that she's not yet 3.

She really seems to struggle with understanding the word NO. I can tell her no and to stop what she's doing and she just continues on like I was speaking in a foreign language. She will do things that she know she shouldn't do and things that she knows she'll get a spanking for. The other day, she had done something and I asked her why she had done it. She said, "Because I just did." I then asked her what was going to happen because she had done it and she replied, "You're going to spank me now." So, I know she understands when I tell her something and what will happen if she disobeys.

Enough of the non fun stuff about parenting a 3 year old and on to the lighter subjects.

I still get so tickled with some of the things that she'll say that sound so grown up. We have a few words that she's said that we tell her it's not nice to say that and it's not a good word for her to say. One day I was telling her something and I said, "Trust me". So now, she'll go around saying, "Trust me Mommy" and then she'll ask if that's a nice word to say?

I was going to say a lot more about Alexis, but right now she's hanging on my back wanting me to fix her some ramen noodles, so I'm going to hop off here for tonight. I'll be back tomorrow.

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