Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Jumble Of Junk In My Head

I had an unwanted blogging break. Ross took our computer to a friend of his at work on Wednesday last week and I didn't get it back until Tuesday night.

Now that I have it back, I'm not sure where to start. My brain feels.........can't even come up with a word.

I just know that I want to write, but I'm having a heck of time getting it out. And I'm not talking about writing anything profound or inspiring, just the normal, everyday stuff I enjoy writing about.

I guess I'll start by saying how much I really, really like having Internet and a computer. I felt completely disconnected from the outside world while the computer was gone. I was even so pitiful that I didn't know the weather forecast at all because I couldn't come and look it up online. I still have a TV, but I couldn't tell you that last time I checked the weather by watching the news or going to The Weather Channel. Pitiful isn't it?

One thing I did notice while I was on my Internet hiatus, no one really talks to you on Facebook unless you are active and taking part in the things they say. Or if you say something interesting in your own status. I was posting a few statuses thanks to texting, but I wasn't getting a lot of feedback and no one was really "talking" to me. I guess if I wasn't on Facebook people would just assume I dropped off the face of the planet and not even bother contacting me. Don't get me wrong, I'm not say I'm super Sally and I connect with all the 300+ people I'm friends with, but I was a little surprised at the lack of notifications I had when I did get back online. Thank you Nel and Chrissy and Shelley for not forgetting me while I was gone!
*After re-thinking this whole topic, I'm not really sure where I was going or what point I was trying to make with this statement, so just forget it. Chalk it up to me being goofy!*
I wasn't any better at keeping things together just because I didn't have my computer time. I found other things to distract me from doing my housework. I guess that's just how I am for now.

"Hi. My name is Jessica. I avoid housework these days." "Hello Jessica."

But, I do have new motivation that I think will help me stay on track. Our carpet is a lot lighter in color than our old stuff was, so dirt will be more visible. I don't like obvious dirt, if I can't see it glaring at me in the face, it doesn't tend to bother me. Thank goodness Ross always lowers the lid when he's done using the toilet, I'm a little ashamed of what it looks like under there sometimes. But, the obvious, stand out dirt, I take care of. And with new carpet, I can't stand the thought of letting dirt get ground down into it, so I'm sure I'll be vacuuming about every 3rd day from now on, at least in the traffic area, maybe not my usual, move everything that I can pick up and vacuum under it style.

I think that's about all of the random, rambling stuff in my head. I was going to keep going, but I'm once again going to end this one and start a new one with my next topic. And forget about keeping them to post on later days, I'm going to bombard you with blog posts tonight, I've got to catch up somehow.

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