Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I finished watching the closing ceremony for the Olympic Games yesterday. I really enjoyed watching this year. I didn't tune in for everything, but caught lots of highlights and saw all the figure skating events!

One thing I noticed throughout the games and medal ceremonies was  how patriotic the Canadians are. I was a little disappointed in my own countrymen that they couldn't show that same patriotism that the Canadians did.

I did not see every single medal awarded, but on several of the golds that Canada won I saw them belting out their national anthem at the top of their lungs and looking very proud. I also saw several of the Americans receiving gold and was disappointed that most of them didn't even place their hands over their hearts, much less sing the national anthem. What has happened to our patriotic spirit in this country?

I thought after 9/11 that patriotism was returning and our country would once again take pride in itself, but I saw a real lack of the pride at the Olympic games. Did I miss the memo that says we are no longer supposed to place our hands over our hearts when the National Anthem is played? And I know for myself personally, I can't not sing along when I hear our National Anthem played. It gets me misty eyed every time I'm at a sporting event or anywhere for that matter and I hear the Anthem played. Am I strange in my feelings and behaviors?

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Nicole said...

I am also disappointed, but I think I know the cause. Obama and his ilk have done a wonderful job of going around the globe making a point to the rest of the world that we're all ashamed to be American. And because of that, many of us are starting to believe it.

I myself am proud to be American (now that song's in my head), and all I regret is that the America out there today isn't the same one I grew up loving. Maybe someday we'll have it back, but I'm not waiting until then to put my hand on my heart and sing the Star Spangled Banner at the top of my lungs!