Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Review & Not Me! Monday

Good Morning! It's Monday again and this week I'm joining MckMama for a little Not Me! confessional. Make sure you check out her blog to see what she has Not been doing this week!

It was Not Me! who was up until 2am Saturday morning and then up for a feeding at 4:30 and then up when the alarm went off at 6:10am. All so I could go to Walmart and be there when they opened at 7am to get my copy of "New Moon" on DVD! Not Me! I would never be so foolish and silly and do something so juvenile like that! It was Not Me! who was unwilling to wait until later that night when we actually went shopping at Walmart, to get the DVD, I couldn't take the chance that they would be out! By the way, they were no where near running out when we were shopping at 7pm that evening! Oh well, just another crazy thing I can say I've done now!

Friday morning I got a message from my Pampered Chef consultant letting me know that she had to cancel my show. I was also going to be having a luncheon for the women in my Redburn family. Ashley is the PC consultant and also my cousin, so she was going to be at both events. (Her Grandma went to be with Jesus Friday afternoon/evening) I decided to go ahead and cancel the luncheon as well as the PC party. So that left me with a much different game plan for my Saturday, so it was Not Me! who stopped the housework on Friday and just kind of let things go. It had been a busy week and I was tired. By Saturday morning, there was a huge pile of dishes in the kitchen, some folded up laundry in the living room, toys scattered throughout the whole house, etc.

You already heard how I started my Saturday morning with getting "New Moon"! When I got back home, I showered and headed over to my neighbors house. She was having an open house for her Scentsy products. I absolutely love the plug in warmer and scents that I got from her!

When I got back to the house at 11, Ross informed me that my good friend Amy was going to be there at noon! Therefore, it was Not Me! who turned into the Tazmanian devil on crack to get my messy house looking like something decent. It had been several years since Amy had been to the house and I know that she would have understood the mess, being my best friend and all, but I don't like any one to see my house a mess if I can keep from it. Fortunately, Ross had misunderstood what time she would be there and I get everything back in order, vacuumed, dishes done and looking all pretty before she got there.

We had a wonderful visit. Her and I were best friends when I lived in Farmington from the time we were 19 - 21, but then I moved to St. Louis and we kind of drifted apart. We reconnected back in 2007 and it's been so nice to do stuff with her again. I just wish we didn't live so far from one another. It's just a little over an hour between houses, so that limits what we get to do together. We enjoy the time we do get to see each other though. She has a adorable 6 year old step daughter and her little baby girl is 2 weeks older than Isabel. Katelyn and Alexis had a great time playing, while Amy and I had a great time talking while we played with Callie and Isabel!

After Amy and the girls left, we got ready and headed down to Ronnie and Tena's house for a baby shower for their daughter Margarett . She is having a baby girl in April, so I went through and picked out several outfits from Alexis' stash for her. I can't use them for Isabel anyway. We had a great time visiting down there. We left Alexis down there with Bill and Carol and Ross, Isabel and I headed to Rolla to get some shopping done.

It was Not Me! and Ross who had a blizzard from Dairy Queen before we even ate supper! We splurged and spent just a tiny bit of our tax return money at Walmart. We got this super cool Wii remote so we could have a second one.

Obviously, it's for me and Alexis to use!

We got back from Rolla around 10 and Meredith brought Alexis home to us. Ross took care of her bath and getting her to bed.

Soooo, it was Not Me! who just had to watch "New Moon" at midnight after I'd been awake since 7am after only getting about 4 hours sleep. I did manage to stay awake for most of it though. I started dozing around 2am, near the end of the movie, but it was worth it!

It was a crazy busy Saturday, but it was a good one. Sunday was much more laid back. In fact, it was Not Me! who neglected my mountain of laundry so I could play Wii for several hours with Ross and Alexis! It was also Not Me! who had a nice 2 hour nap with Alexis Sunday afternoon. And that pretty much wraps up my weekend!


Murdock's mama said...

Wowza! I'm exhausted just reading your weekend! Sounded fun though!

CHATTY CATHY 1975 said...

Blessed are those of us who wait to clean until just prior to company coming!!

I spent 3 hours yesterday frantically cleaning the main floor of our house just so we could have people over for lunch... LOL.

It's nice having a clean house again - but man... rushing like that if for the birds!

Loved your post - I hope you have a wonderful week!!


Nel Lenae said...

What a weekend!!! Now hopefully you get to rest up and recover this week ;o)

Jenilee said...

love the wii remote... how cute!

Cindy said...

I love the Not Me Monday posts so much that I have decided to join in on my daughter's blog post today.

It was Not Me, who raised my daughter to go nutso over books and movies that feature of all things "vampire" lovers. Really, Jessica!

Love you! Mom

Jessica said...

Yes, this is my mother's proudest moment, lol! She was horrified when she thought I named my daughter, Isabel, after Bella from the Twilight saga! Have no fear, we picked the name Isabel before I even got into reading and watching the Twilight series!

Yellow House said...

Nothing wrong with a little Twilight! Love that I am not the only one! :) Happy Monday!

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

Holy COW you had a busy weekend! I've never read any of the books or seen the movie in the Twilight series... I know, I know, I am dreadfully unhip.

Yum on the DQ blizzard-- I haven't had one of those in AGES!

Confessions From A Working Mom