Sunday, January 24, 2010

29 Random Things

1. I love eating peanut butter by the spoonful.

2. I miss my Pontiac Grand Prix a lot even though my new car has a roomier back seat for the kids.

3. I love Blackberry wine, I think it could be my new favorite adult beverage! (Don't worry Margarita's, I still love you too!)

4. My two favorite driving songs are "No Easy Way Out" from the Rocky IV soundtrack and "Jessie's Girl" by Rick Springfield.

5. I love being a breastfeeding Mom.

6. I have some OCD tendencies when it comes to my jobs. Not quite as bad at home though...not sure why.

7. I loved being a cashier at the grocery store and then at Sam's Club.

8. My favorite job is a toss up between being a teller at New Era Bank and my job in the accounting office at Sam's Club. I would go back to either job in a heartbeat. Can't wait for the day they bring a Sam's Club to Rolla.

9. I once worked 4 jobs at one time. New Era Bank, Country Mart, Fidgett's Unlimited (Salon) and Concession stand at the Civic Center. I was 18 at the time.

10. Ross was my first serious boyfriend.

11. I'm the youngest and only girl of the 9 grandchildren on my Mom's side of the family.

12. I love everything about tanning, fake or real. Can't wait to get into the tanning bed soon to get my base tan for the beach!

13. I've always liked the fact that my eyes are blue. And I love the fact that my girls got my blue eyes.

14. I am terrified of mice.

15. My natural hair color is dirty blond, but I love being a bottle brunette. 

16. It makes me crazy that Ross can't sit without moving his legs or feet.

17. I enjoyed smoking even though it's gross and disgusting and I never want to do it again. I still liked it and I won't say that I'll never have another cigarette again...because I might.

18. I didn't get my drivers license until I was almost 17. My parents weren't going to let me drive alone or with someone else, so I just kept renewing my permit until I couldn't anymore.

19. Every once in a blue moon, I wish I could be single with no kids so I could run around and do the winery thing on the weekends like so many people my age are doing now. But, that thought really only occurs like once a year for real. I'm totally happy being a wife and mommy!

20. I was homeschooled and did not go to college and I wouldn't change one thing about that. I've never had ambitions to be a career woman. I've always wanted to be a wife and mother. I've always felt that even though I may not have a lot of book smarts. I do have a good head on my shoulders and use common sense. Some folks don't seem to have a lot of that these days and I think it takes you a long way in your everyday life.

21. I have 6 different pairs of Old Navy flip flops from last summer.

22. I love to swim.

23. TiVo was the best thing ever invented for the TV.

24. I love to turn the radio up way loud and drive fast with all the windows down in the spring and fall! =)

25. I'm very unhappy that I haven't been able to tint the windows in the Impala yet.

26. I have all 10 seasons of "Friends" on DVD.

27. I never laugh harder than when I'm with my parents and Aunt's Donna and Debbie and Uncle's Cecil and Dennis.

28. I have very bad posture.

29. This is how old I will be on March 30th.


Nel said...

I did not know you were home schooled!
I too love driving with my windows down in the spring and fall - and Libby loves it too ;)
I occasionally sneak a cigarete with Casey.
And as happy as I am being a mommy and wife I too wouldn't mind a night to hang out like I did in high school... or just with my friends now!
I learned a lot of things I didn't know about you!

Ashley said...

I did not know you were homeschooled either! Please write a post about all the pros and cons you felt it held....I'm very, very interested in home schooling my own kids...