Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hard Working Hubby

I'm so grateful for Ross. He has worked so hard on the upstairs this year, well last year (2009) and now this year (2010). He put in a lot of hours over this holiday weekend and only has a little bit of touch up painting on the walls to finish and then the trim and all the painting will be done. We are so close to being done!

When the carpet gets installed, we are going to have them do the upstairs first and then we can take our time moving our stuff up there and we're going to paint our old bedroom too before they lay the carpet down here. We painted the living room in 2008 and Alexis' room in 2007, so that was the only room left other than the kitchen.

I'm really looking forward to it being done, our house is going to be so much more spacious and feel so fresh and new!


Nel said...

So very exciting!!!

My So Called Life said...

How exciting! We have lived in our home for going on 6 years now and still have not finished the upstairs. I hope within the next 3 years we can do so as our family needs the space. GOODLUCK! I hope to see pictues soon RIGHT...