Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Guess What?

It's time for American Idol again!!! I'm a huge fan, well maybe not huge, but I still watch the show. It will never be the same again after having someone like Chris Daughtry in season 5, but I still enjoy watching to see any rising stars that may be emerging. It's going to be tough getting used to Idol without Paula Abdul as well, she may have been a little kooky, but you just got used to it as part of the dynamic of the judges. Kara is okay, but she's no Paula. The first few weeks of auditions aren't my favorite part of the show, but once we get to the top 12 I really get into it every week. And since I'm on leave now, I'll actually get to vote again this year! I'm sure I'll have more Idol posts to come if they have anybody I really like this year.

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