Thursday, January 14, 2010

I've Got A Complaint With FedEx

The girls and I got some Old Navy gift cards for Christmas from Bill and Carol and instead of waiting to go to a store, I did my shopping online. Well, I placed the order on December 28th and still haven't received it yet. I checked my inbox for my email with the shipping confirmation and checked on the tracking number to see where my package is. This is what I've found:

  • Dec 28th - shipping information sent to FedEx
  • Dec 29th 4:51am - arrived at FedEx location Grove City, OH
  • Dec 29th 4:57pm - departed FedEx location Grove City, OH
  • Jan 5th 7:57pm - arrived FedEx location Phoenix, AZ (Now why on earth would my package go from Ohio to Arizona??? Why couldn't they have just dropped it out of the plane on the way past my house for crying out loud?)
  • Jan 6th 1:25am - departed FedEx location Phoenix, AZ
  • Jan 7th 2:04pm - arrived FedEx location Dallas, TX
  • Jan 9th 12:00am - Shipment information sent to USPS Steelville, MO
  • Jan 9th 1:03am - departed FedEx location Dallas, TX
  • Jan 10th 7:54pm - arrived FedEx location Kansas City, MO
  • Jan 11th 5:39pm - departed FedEx location Kansas City, MO
  • Jan 12th 2:09pm - arrived FedEx location Earth City, MO
  • Jan 12th 10:00pm - departed FedEx location Earth City, MO
Now, the last time I checked prior to last night, it had said it had arrived in Dallas, TX and the expected delivery date was January 14th. Then last night with all the new mumbo jumbo from Kansas City and Earth City it says expected delivery to be January 16th. What could possibly take 4 days from when it departed Earth City, which for those of you that don't know, is in St. Louis, to get to Steelville? Where on earth are they sending my stuff now? If I don't get the package soon, Alexis and Isabel will have outgrown the clothes I bought for them. What a complete waste of time and resources for FedEx.

My package arrived in the mailbox this afternoon!

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brenaud said...

It probably doesn't make you feel better to know that I just ordered something from Old Navy on Jan 5th and got it yesterday (Jan 13th). That's crazy that it's been that slow! I always get things from Old Navy pretty quickly. I'll be interested to see if something was printed wrong on the label.

And I would certainly let them hear about it!